JKCrypto Shared Masternode Service : JkcMN.com


Hi Friends,
Join our Shared Masternodes Project on Discord : https://discord.gg/C6FC6XF
-No Minimum Amount to Join
-Easy to get in, Easy to get out
-Fully transparent work
-Instant Refunds
-Frequent updates via Google sheets and Discord
-Trusted JKC community
-24/7 online
-Visit us on : http://jkcmn.com/

Running Masternodes :

Upcoming Masternodes

How To Join

  1. Visit Discord - JKCMN - Shared Masternode

  2. Go to the #how-to-join channel and follow the instructions
    Send coins to the following addresses
    Send coins to following address
    SPD - SacygfrfcWQRVxYw6RXyiscjmJy9wKn6xQ
    IMC - SbauVhhkHQswfonF6nDNTgdtSdQxRrNWjF
    REDEN - RHqd2B3kNVEvTQsFQfoXhC6Aksrw2ASxLA
    ALPS - AJdcTmsFLiY3WVPLE8jFXkzn9rktXXBKKd
    HLDC - HT2MhAjX3vDSEeVbjoSiNiJVwn9qnUAAL9

  3. After sending coins,
    message @immortalminer on Discord with total amount you sent with respective coin receiving address

  4. Will update everyone once minimum threshold required to run MN reached.

  5. You will receive MN payment once or twice a week depending on the coin reward payouts.

Dedicated Discord Server For Shared Masternode : Join Here
For more Details Read the FAQ channel on Discord : https://discord.gg/79ZHHms


ABS MN2 is up and running now.
DXC MN3 have 895/1000
JLG MN4 have 1425/2000


Hi can anyone give me some more info on how this works and the benefits. I’m only mining with a single 1080 so don’t have a huge amount, but if I’m happy to join in the masternode if my small amount of coins is enough.


This is beta website for shared masternode http://jkcmn.com/
Join Discord to know more about running and upcoming shared MNs.
Article about Masternode

In simple words I can say MN is similar to POS where you will get extra coins by holding coins in wallet



Are masternodes safe? For what should I look for, i see some masternodes have ROI 3 days, are they safe or not?