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Hi, I have a question. Can you explain me please, If I am the only one miner on the pool who is mining Curve coin and where pool fee is 0.5% , why I get 16.65Curve instead of 24.02Curve when I found a block?


I can’t control payments its all automatic.Checked payment log and find out there were following 2 miner which were mining also

Yes you are right you were the only one mining for last 24 hours and finds the block but miners which I mentioned above try to find block 2-3 days ago but unable to find one.
you won’t able to find block in next 6 hours and you leave mining CURV and suppose after 2 days someone started mining curv and finds the block then you will get reward for you share also( your 6 hour mining)

Hope you understand if you need proof then I can provide you server log that when and how much time they were connected to the pool


That’s why I like pool mining vs solo…


Please correct the following error.

Absolute Coi (lyra2v2)




hi,i have two payment in my last 50 earnings but it doesn’t appear in my balance


Check telegram pm


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AryaVenom wrote:
hi,i have two payment in my last 50 earnings but it doesn’t appear in my balance
Check telegram pm[/quote]

balance update scrypt run after every few minutes.Your balance already added to the account. Next payment will be done automatically in few hours.



There is a mandatory wallet update for Virtus by April 1st at 0800 UTC. Will the pool wallet be updated before then? I don’t want to waste my hash power.


Thanks for letting me know about this. Wallet will be updated in next few minutes


Wallet updated, i think it was not mandatory update otherwise no mined block in last 8 hours.
BTW thanks for letting me know about this


Don’t mine VRT on pool as VRT forked the blockchain at 60000 block, I already updated the wallet few hours back but VRT blocks getting orphan, some problems in configuration. I am out of town so can’t troubleshoot now. So better to use other pools for mining VRT

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VRT error already corrected 10 hours back and since then pool is working fine.


i m mining alps on jkc pool . i just want to know should i request for coin receiving from alps wallet or it will automatically transferred into my alps wallet address given in confg file.


You will get coins in your wallet automatically.
Pool payout schedule - 3 hours


thanks for quick reply.


Due to Some reason, one block which was mined by our pool on 26-August was not reflected on database. So everyone will receive 2X RVN when we find next block


Hi @admin!

(Not sure if this message belongs here or to Raven Mining thread?

Is the mining/wallet on JKCpool sw updated for latest Ravencoin fork (dynamic difficulty adjustment)?
I’m asking because on my miner’s log I see difficulty 9924.626, but on whattomine.com it says 28,124.561 (this value is also shown in suprnova).

Also, in my miner log the block number differs from Ravencoin network block stats


Thanks for letting me know about it.Updated wallet and we are on right block now.