How to mine CURV coin?


Is that trade successful? I will do more research on this and will update you all


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Saphire wrote:
I saw their Discord channel some one selling 30K CURV for 0,3$. How that guy get the 30K coin and why dumping the price? If the price would be $0,3 than it is not profible to mine this shit coin !
Is that trade successful? I will do more research on this and will update you all[/quote]


yes please. I was planning to mine it but only if it’s still profitable…


Unable to download the miner. Link not working. Please help.



Hello all, i have a question abaut droping hashrate. It because difficulty goes up ? In mining software i dont see any change.


Skein is Asic friendly algo. I would not recommend to mine this…


CURV listing delayed.

CurveCoin - Marv - Today at 8:05 PM

We know that you have all been anxiously awaiting an update on the exchange listing. We are pleased to say that we can finally provide you with that information:

Shortly after submitting our application to, using our unpublished email address, we received an acceptance email with instructions for submitting the 4 BTC listing fee, which we did:


After some correspondence with the exchange, we learned that the acceptance email received was, in fact, fraudulent. We have spent the last several days discussing this matter with the exchange, trying to determine what happened and how we could rectify it. After learning that another project/coin was victim of the same scam not long after us, the exchange offered a 25% discount on their fee, which we accepted and have requested a proper payment address for. As of 2/22, they have stated that they can have us listed within 72 hours.

We waited to share this information with all of you for a couple reasons: we did not know where the fraudulent email originated from, and wanted to give the exchange the opportunity to properly review matters; we wanted to ensure that the listing would proceed, even if that meant double payment; and we wanted to have all of the information available ahead of the announcement. We are committed to this project and its community, though, and have taken the necessary steps to ensure that plans continue to move forward, despite the extra cost to us.

We will continue to provide updates as they happen. We’re looking forward to seeing this step in the process completed. Thank you all for your patience and support.


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