How to mine CURV coin?


Official Website : Here

Symbol : CURV

Algorithm : Skein

Crypto Exchange : Not yet listed

Mining Pool :

Mining Performance : 950+ Mh/s for 1080 ti

Mining Profitability : ???


How to Mine?

  1. Download miner (Alexis78 miner compiled for CUDA9 )
  2. Download Wallet
  3. Extract the miner and edit LIZ batch file as follow
  4. Run the batch file.
ccminer -a skein -o stratum+tcp:// -u FD3TfGCqut8onLmuAvk6TQ9ow1nowa8tZM -p c=CURV

Overclock Settings :

Tdp : 100

Core : = +50

Memory : -300




Why you suggest to go for CurveCoin?


CURV might get listed on exchange this week and I am currently mining CURV


Alright I’m trying it now on my low-powered system. Setup was easy by modifying LIZ. I’m mining at about 440 Mh/s on a GTX 1050 ti + a GTX 1060. That’s it.

I assume on your speed calculations above you meant your speed is 950 Mh/s and not Gh/s ?


wich hashrate i should to have with 8 1080 tis?



now get 7.9


Well Binaryblitz, the 1080 Ti was advertised as being 35% faster than the 1080. Whether or not that is for gaming or floating point precision, I don’t remember. But 670 * 1.35 = 905 MH/s. I can hit about 950 MH/s with my 1080 Ti, but it’s closer to 900 since I like low fan noise.


950+ "G"h/s? Not MH/s? Im getiing around 850MH/s with mine 1080Ti at 65% TDP, +100 clock and -300 memory.


Impressive how the number of miners growing fast


Corrected Gh to Mh.


Any price prediction for CURV ?


my miner showing 1900mh but pool showing only 1000mh


Problem already corrected. Happened due to my silly mistake run two stratum for same algo.

Your hashrate should be normal now


I saw their Discord channel some one selling 30K CURV for 0,3$.
How that guy get the 30K coin and why dumping the price?

If the price would be $0,3 than it is not profible to mine this shit coin !


its happening again i think…






Holy damn crap


The batch file is empty for me (chrome and firefox). What is the server and port ( ?


Yes. Now killed all stratum and started again.

If problem comes again then have to reboot server.

From now on will never play with live server :smiley:


Check this post, info updated