How to mine BITSUM Coin (SUM)?


Coin Ticker : SUM

Bitsum Mining Algo : CryptoNight

SUM Mining Pool :

SUM Mining Performance : 755 HS/ for 1080 ti

Bitsum Mining Profitability : 20$/day 1080 ti, 14$/day 1070 ti

SUM Price Now : $ 0.01 0000, 0.000016 btc

Bitsum Official Website :

Block target time : 120 seconds



Where can this coin be changed?


How can you tell the price? I checked on the thread and there is no exchange still…maybe I am missing something?


I have to edit this thread with actual information.

He is new and offering to help me for forum moderation. He might predicted the price as per discord buy/sell trading


Ah ok buddy. I love your forum and your pool. I will soon start to mine with all of my power in your pool. You really seems to be an honest guy.

I have 23 1070ti and 2 1070 and 1 1080ti.

One question: if I mine in your pool with a TTF of FOR EXAMPLE 2 hours vs another pool with a TTF of 120seconds, at the end of the day the mined coins will be the same?



Pool which have majority of hashrate will give to stable/fixed results.

In small pools luck is the major factor.


During initial JKCpool find 2 block in 40 minutes when ttf was around 120 minutes, pool was extremely lucky during that period.

In last hour pool was unlucky and did not find a single block.




Bitsum is on witch exchange?


BISTUM work on TELEGRAM you can send receive coin in telegram ,

Create wallet address on telegram - and check

No need any hardware wallet to store your coin , no need to keep coin in exchange



Where are you getting the price from?

, this coin isn’t listed on any exchange


For the “Windows Wallet” for Bitsum, can somebody give a sample of the transfer command in use, as these parameters below are a bit confusing.


transfer <mixin_count> <addr_1> <amount_1> [<addr_2> <amount_2> … <addr_N> <amount_N>] [-p payment_id] [-f fee] - Transfer <amount_1>,… <amount_N> to <address_1>,… <address_N>, respectively. <mixin_count> is the number of transactions yours is indistinguishable from (from 0 to maximum available)


Still waiting for my first transfer to the CLI wallet to see if it works, but here is how to get it working if you don’t want to use the Telegram Wallet.

Download the CLI wallet

"Open up bitsumd and let it sync

Open wallet cli > create wallet > create password

Done. use the address command to get your address

Use balance to see your balance."

from BCT


also this CLI command guide for Monero may be the same as this Bitsum CLI





Batch File Example: 1080ti + 970

ccminer-x64 -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u ADDRESS -p x


how to mining sir
please step by step
i have failed sync after open wallet cli



launch bitsummd and let it sync, solved it for me.