Elliot Coin - ELLI Mining [A short term alternative to Raven]


Elliot coin at the actual change rate (quite low) is giving about 2.6$/1080ti.
Use Krnlx xevan mod by Palgin with Nvidia cards.
Price is going high day by day like raven coin.

Profitability: $2.2/day/1080Ti

Elliot Coin - Xevan Algo
Miner: Krnlx-Xevan : https://github.com/krnlx/ccminer-xevan/releases
Premine: 0.48%

Pool: https://jkcpool.com
Exchange: https://graviex.net/markets/ellibtc?pinned=false



why you not mining it then? there are no live miners on this pool.


was mining ALPS for MN, will put 8x1080 ti on Xeven


should i give my hash power to JKC pool ? for elliot coin ? Or the better is another pool ?


It’s your wish. Our’s is a small pool.
By the way we have already directed our miners in mining the Elliot coin.


Does not seem to be worth it compared to raven mining atm:


i will put 6x 1080 on jkc for elliot


What OC are recommended for 1080ti’s ? I got 30mh/s from 6x1080ti


Read this. It will help. Usually Each card from different different vendor’s have different overclock setting but every card has minimum core 50. This post has discussed all this in detail. Check it out!