Ellerium Project [ELP] : New Coin


Coin Specification :

Coin Ticker : ELP

ELP Mining Pool : http://hashfaster.com

Type : POW/POS

Algo : Xevan (ASIC/Nicehash resistant)

Block time : 60 seconds

Block reward : Block 1-200000 = 3 ELP (60% for miner, 40% for masternode)

Total Supply : 60000000 ELP

Masternode collateral : 1000 ELP

Estimated Profitability : 1080 Ti : $22/day, 1070 Ti : $15/day

Some info about ELP :

They are a large group of developers from Russia. They have several successful projects in which They participated and acquired a large amount of experience and useful knowledge. Among us, experts in various fields - web development, applied programming, business projects, marketing and PR. For More Info. Check Here.


can’t see that coin on mentioned pool


Has anyone started to mine ELP on any pool? please share a good pool.


krnlx/ccminer-xevan for mining it?

or do you have a recomenden miner? :slight_smile:

btw, its release is not untill tomorrow.


Wallet suggestion please? I think I missed it.


How did you get your wallets to sync?




TOOLS->Wallet Configuration file and copy paste -> restart wallet


How do you know it’s 22$ day with a 1080 ti ?
It’s not on any exchanges yet


Thanks but its still not syncing, i dont get it. Its not blocked by the firewall, I added these addnodes…


Thanks Betsy, after 15 minutes the wallet is now syncing.


Don’t know about this coin guys. It has the same ticker as elephant coin, developer can barely get a wallet started…


How did you come up with $22 a day? Waiting for it to fully release. Seems like it may get some interest cause it sounds like “ethereum” lol