Crypto to fiat


What are our best options?


I could realy use a good advice.
I have a Payoneer card, just arrived, but where should I trade btc for usd and transfer to card?
Thank you.


Hey Marius,
I use Bitstamp, pretty safe way to transfer crypto to fiat.


Thank you for answer @hegemon1


You´re welcome…


i use coinbase but only seldomly do i convert. a lot of time i convert to bitcoin and hold and ill wait til bitcoin goes up.


Coinbase is a good choice, but my country is not on the list of accepted…


I’ve been using Uphold to convert to GBP.


Yea same here, but in case you need fiat fast, coinbse is good option (atleast for me )


Sell on Gdax/Coinbase, transfer EUR to Revolut account - Revolut card.


lol recieved my physical card week ago :grin: love it, cool case for card…


Tried Bitstamp to Payoneer. Transaction was decined by Payoneer due to not respecting the Terms and Conditions.


Mariau, ePayments.


Thank you @oldrin. Will try it. Also will try Revolut.


guys if ur gona use coinbase, register in gdax and exchange there. theyre linked and not only the fees are so much lower, but you can also set orders at desired price instead of having to sit there.

I personally use kraken. gdax gave me shit with the second id verify, so i just went to another exchange with euro.


Bitstamp then Revolut worked for me.
Thank you all for help.