Crypto hardware wallet Suggestion


Hello Guys,

Any suggestions regarding which hardware crypto wallet is recommended and most widely used by the folks on this forum?

  • are there any suggestions on how to make the local machine windows wallets more secure or best practices for storing mined coins?

Might be a good topic for a future blog post as well.

Thank you.


Hi trojan,

I use Ledger Nano S and I am satisfied with this wallet. No issues at all


Thanks Hegemon1!

I haven’t used a crypto wallet before, so this might be a noob question, but does the ledger nano support all coins or are is there limited support? Can you store RVN/SPD or LUX coins on these or are they limited to the mainstream BTC/LTC/ETH type of wallets?


Unfortunately, Ledger suppoort a think aroun 25-30 currencies.

You are welcome :wink:


Thanks, the link is very helpful…!

So what’s the best way to store RVN/LUX or other altcoins? Just keep them in desktop wallets?


For a long term, If there is no HW wallet available, I recommend to use a paper wallet


I also use a ledger nano s and find it very easy to use. May I add on getting your long term paper wallets laminated and put into a folder.