Crypto Gui Miner


Hi guys, I want to say more about CGM,

Crypto Gui Miner will automatically choose the most cost-effective cryptocurrency for mining, based on the hardware you own. Start mining cryptocurrencies in a matter of seconds. Automatically choose to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency.

If you have any questions, please contact me or submit your post here.

Regards, Felix


Hi Felix,

Do you have any links? Googled and didn’t find anything by this name.


Hi Mike,

here is the link:


Hi Mike,



Tell us about the experience of working with this miner.



Hi Frick,

This is a simple and easy mining application for everyone. Please visit address and watch video. All you have to do is create a profile for mining the cryptocurrencies you want and enter your wallet. The application does everything else. The application has a simple interface with all the useful and necessary information such as status of graphic cards, temperature, hashrates, cryptocurrency being mined, active mining times, earnings and so on.


Hey Felix,

if you are a Developer of CGM i might say, good work. The Software works very good. But it would be great to implement some Way to Add more Coins then the given.

Also change the Mining Software (fe. ccminer SPMod for BWK).



yes it’s an interesting software but needs:

  1. More coins
  2. custom mining softwares


We can add more coins, what coins you wanna:)?


Hey Felix buddy! It would be very nice if you could add the ones listed here: and here

This would make your system VERY complete. Is there any way to customize the miners used? I am willing to donate of course!


Hey felix, my name is Fabio. I really like your program. It’s very very useful. I have for now 72 Gtx1070Ti and I am using Awesome Miner for now. but I want to try your program.

My requests are, more coins (as per my message on the forum) and also the ability to customize the used miners per each algo. This is very important. There are some miners that produces WAY more hash than others with the same Algo. Also it would be important to be able to create new pools.

Also, can your program auto swtich between the most profitable coin automatically?




Yes program switching most profitable coins automaticly if coin have “tick” enabled

I can see that we put in advanced options for changing miners and please make me list witch coin you exspect?


Hello Felix Bauer,

appreciate your project, seems there is a really handy multi-gui-miner comming up to us…

But, why don’t you give the user the ability to add some pools to the given coin-profiles ?

For example for SPD i would use the protopool insted of hashfaster, or for raven, i would prefer using threeeyed-pool…

Also there is somithing confusing me: when setting up a coin/pool with the custom-option, one will get less hashrate than mining the same coin with you profiles. (F.e. setting up SPD-Coin with same miner “alexis78”, only difference is the pool, in custom i get less mh/s per 1080ti?!?)

For future: making it possible to switch the algos/coins from the web-interface will make the tool much more handy and helpfull. thx, an move on this way…


Hey guys don’t worry. Felix is working on the development of his miner. I am giving him step by step advices ti make it really perfect. It will have all the features that you always wanted. Custom pools, custom coins with auto profit calculator, auto switch, overclock, miner selection and more. It will take still about a couple a weeks to have the first release with all the new features.
This will probabky be one of the best miner to auto switch among most profitable custom coins.

We’ll keep you updated!


he needs to update some miners (x16r, neoscrypt…)


I do NOT recommend this CGM app. Calculations are wrong