CRS Mining : Trick/Gamble


I have stopped mining CRS on Lpool now. Already received coin on in wallet and transferred them for swap but transaction is not showing on CRSC blockexplorer.

Currently mining Kreed coin on suprnova, more info will be added soon


Did you receive the coins immediately or did it also take days?




the lpool site transaction shows more than 600 confirmations but still nothing on my wallet


Hi guys. Starting the miner after editing the batch file - it flashes and crashes URL missing ?

Any advice?


I wrote to lpool today asking them to send me my coins already, here is the answer: “Wallet going to fork, so this is not real coins.”

OMG! So we really mined for them! I will never ever use lpool again!


Any info on lpool, are our CRSC mining definitely lost ?


Mining of CRSC after block#14500 is invalid according to Criptoreal team and will not be swapped with new CRS coins. Since block# 14500 was mined on 4th Feb 2018 14:47:21, so all CRSC coins mined after that date are invalid and cannot be swapped with new CRSC. Read the given link below for reference:

“Old CRSC (lyra2v2) chain will stop giving rewards after block 14500 and new chain will give full rewards after block 5000.
If you are currently mining CRSC we recommend swapping after block 14500 was mined on CRSC (lyra2v2) chain.”



I see, thank you very much! I d’ont know iwhether that was intentional or just incompetence but we were screwed by ipool somehow.

Something I don’t understand is that there was something to mine on that CRSC chain pas that date, does that mean that there was transactions attempt ?

Same question with all these new coins, if there is something to mine this means that there is a lot of transactions, which is surprising considering coin is new and has no market price yet


I am not sure how CRSC chain was still mineable on lpool and how it has been blocked for rewards but if you have CRSC coins mined after block#14500 and you try to send it for swap, then the transaction will not happen and you will not find the transaction on old CRSC chain explorer (as it happened for me unfortunately). You have to somehow separate CRSC coins which were mined before block#14500 from the ones mined later and ONLY send those from your wallet for swap, otherwise the chain explorer will not show the transaction.