CRS Mining : Trick/Gamble



Update : Don’t mine CRSC on LPool now, mine CRS, Lyra2z algo on other pools

Hi Guys we have something interesting to try…

Mine CRS on ipool. You will gets lots of coins…ttf is 93 seconds…

8000 CRS in last 24 hours with 7X1080 ti that’s insane.

This is gamble we might earn nothing if block get orphaned. BTW I am mining it let’s see how it goes.

Pool :

Wallet : Use old wallet, CRSC version 0.99. Download Now (64 bit), Keep backup of new wallet if installing old wallet on same machine

Batch File : -o stratum+tcp:// -u CXe4bvC2waCH5rtcnyAeVKSmpGHH4UXK7g

Miner :



Hi, where do I get the old version of wallet? There is no more 0.99 on github


Wallet link updated in the post


Thx for the tip admin!


is there anything else in the batch, or is it simply:

ccminer-alexis -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet


I’ve been running for 40 minutes, but 0.00000000 CRS

and my miner is showing up, but with no hashrate




@danny screenshot?

Working fire for me, Use miner and wallet which i shared


@danny, you need to write it like this into your batch file:

ccminer-alexis -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u(your Walletadress)


Tell me how to synchronize wallet after block 16187 or how to conduct the swap process. I send my money to swap adress but no have confirmation transaction.

Quote from: asmadei on Today at 04:21:00 PM
Your wallet 0.99.0 is stuck on the block 16187

Old chain was stuck because of some pool owners not updating their wallets, it has been fixed now.


For me wallet is syncing but did not received payments for lpool


Swap process working perfectly follow procedure that is mentioned on google forum. I have received swap coins after 48 hours


It’s a gamble if you’re still mining on Lyra2v2, as they did mention:

Old CRSC (lyra2v2) chain will stop giving rewards after block 14500

Also from CriptoReal : discord/#mining:

[01:20] ksndrs: i think you want to be mining CRS not CRSC
[01:21] Cryptodomas: Yeah men old chain is crsc
[01:21] Cryptodomas: And a whooping 1 crs reward but you knew that @Scardigne
[02:42] CriptoRealDev: @Cryptodomas I’m actually impressed of how many people are still mining the old chain

Searching “reward” on discord gave me this:

[09:41] thebd: from block 5000 till Friday 02/09/2018 00:00 UTC reward will be 120 CRS
[09:41] entinio: woot
[09:41] thebd: after friday reward will be 60 CRS for miners and 60 CRS for masternode owners


Lyra2Z CRS is currently at block 4809… nearly at 5000…



Isn’t it more logical to mine CRS like crazy now (even if it’s 6 coins per block) to get it ASAP to block 5000?

Then we have more time to get those 120 coins per block? (before Friday)

Or does difficulty goes up to slow things down?

  • does it all work together to a target date/time to arrive at block 5000?



Wich pool is better ? A small one like hashpool, less miners, more time to find a block but better reward when blck found, or a bigger one like minadorespool, more blocks found but smaller reward cause more miners ?


I’m new at this… I tend to go for a larger pool if possible (at least double digits)

  • I get the sense that it’s more trusted, and have more frequent payouts = less worry that I get nothing… I feel better switching also as I see those frequent blocks.

CRS - CriptoReal Discord:

21:55] thebd: will list us in the next 24h, we are doing our best to finish the remaining swaps by then!

I’ve not heard of this exchange… but we’ll find out soon what value this coin is.


just started, have a sea of yes comign my way on my rig. ( however i am still fairly new and from GUi miners)


Wallet seems ok, i generated an address ok,

using this .bat

ccminer-alexis -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u wallet

its finding shares, wallet is open,


basically i have two questions.

is this the right coin ( crsc / crs) and how long till i know if i am doign it right.


Little worried as the end of my wallet address says DuMMe ( and hoping just an accident lol)


Why is the CRSC block still generated?

Can I swap this CRSC block compensation to CRS?



Just starting out with this tip. Anyone care to share what nvidia driver version they are running? I’m getting blue screens when mining with:

ccminer-alexis -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u [wallet]



I see that we are mining CRS, the new coin, but using this .99 wallet? Is there a reason we cant use the new wallet, since we are mining the new one? Also I assume that the wallet will need to be switched to 1.00 before the 15th like the post says on their site.?


Can’t delete old post. My issue was power, disregard. Though Tristan has a good point. Why are we on the 0.99 wallet, what block do we have to watch out for?


I can’t seem to connect to the pool with this batch file line:

ccminer-alexis -o stratum+tcp:// -u CT2V5UDB55twkBZjEiCCVuQ7ZbkpYm4v4v

Stratum connection failed: failed to connected to port 4533: bad access