Community total power


Would be Nice to know what kind of combined “power” we have

Would be Nice if we could get the pool up to 10-15% of total hashpower on a coin, when we have like 0.1%, we need alot of luck to get anything

if “you” reply to this, please just add your equipment

i have 7x 1080ti

so if you have 3x 1080ti, just write 10x 1080ti, if somthing Else, just write whats all rdy there and add yours


good mining…


2x 1080 Ti


2 x 1080ti and 1x 1070 Ti.


Guess ill try and make a total :wink:


11x 1080ti

1x 1070ti


Single 1080ti


12x 1080 Ti. Only 3 active right now while waiting on a new power supply. Haven’t joined the pool yet but hopefully soon.


7x1080 ti.

Searching for good coin to mine and will update you all


23 x gtx 1070ti + 2x gtx 1070 + 1 x gtx 1080ti


1 1080TI, 2 1070TI, 1 1070 , 1 1060


5x 1080ti


3 x 1080 ti


4x 1080ti


All miners here have 1080 ti :smiley:


Total right now

45x 1080ti

26x 1070ti

2x 1070

1x 1060


that’s a mining farm!!!


Yeah we have a Nice total power, but this must be like max 10% of the power here


I have 10x1080tis

new total

55x 1080ti

26x 1070ti

2x 1070

1x 1060


new total

57x 1080ti

31x 1070ti

1 x 1080

2x 1070

1x 1060


I have 64 1080ti



7x 1080ti