Coin of Tomorrow


is it just me or is difficulty dropping on zixx


Two things:

I am not a huge fan of coins that have such high rewards for MNs (ZIXX has 80% going to MNs). I put some hash power to it but im not expecting it to be amazing. Plus at the earning im seeing plus what people are saying they are getting it seems extremely hard to get a MN even shared between ourselves.

Also BTCP global hashrate is back down to ~5.5MSols which is low so if you believe in the project now is a great time to mine it.


zelcash has had a lot of interest and hash power put on it this last week.
Rewards are down from 75 a day to around 15-20 at current network hash rate per 1080ti. I still believe that this coin is very low valued at $0.17 (up from $0.03 a few weeks ago) hence the surge of hash power. And as it’s not a stable hash rate with people pool hopping the reward will still vary greatly.
If you check the rewards for right now it wont look like you are making that much but with it increasing by 100% per week on average over the last 4 weeks then you can see the daily profit will very soon be multiplied.
Zeltrez platform will be released at the end of the month. Plus they are actively working on getting on bigger exchanges if you check out their youtube you will see they regularly post dev updates on where the company is heading. to show pool hashrate fluctuations


I already promoted Zel here, but pretty nice input. Cya on a discord :slight_smile:


Mining ZIXX for over 23 hours and its looking like about 0.33 tokens per day per 1080ti. So heavily weighted to MNs. I hope this isn’t a get rich scheme by the founders.


This isn’t a smart ass reply, I genuinely wish you guys the best of luck on Zixx. I’m done mining new coins unless a team with links to their business profiles is provided with the coin, too many scams. RVN had enough information for me to jump on that one early. I may throw some power @ Zixx early but not much I don’t have faith in these high % no team/whitepaper MN coins anymore, waiting for better regulations so they get their asses handed to them legally when they scam.


Anyone up for mining WTC to a GMN? We can split profits that way.


Agree to that 100%…! Mine these at own risk.


I’m going to stop mining ZIXX and go back to RVN until I can find a better alternative


I stopped ZIXX after 12 hours on 1 rig… the rewards are way too low with too much going to MNs… Just not feeling it.

I’ve gone back to LUX (to increase my staking) and BTCP (I have faith in project).