Coin of Tomorrow


what hash rate should I expect for single GTX1080 I’m getting 1250kH/s


I get 16.7 mh for 9 ti’s


wow high temps on this algorithm, any suggestions to get temps down?


well after lots of testing even at 70%TDP and no overclock temps are 66 degrees with fans at 70%


I use 100% fan and ti’s stay from 49 to 54 degrees. And 40 to 43 degrees (watercooled)


Hey drd,
I totally agree with your words :wink: I start to focus to unknown coins with low supply. I know, it is kinda gamble, but all crypto is. Zixx sell masternodes for 1BTC+ (pretty expensive). So i just hope we can mine enought te get som MN up.
@drd Cant wait for beer meeting :rofl:


100% fan isn’t that going to kill the fan at them speeds


I never worry about fans running at 100%. Replacment fans are cheap, GPUs are not.


fair point


Also warranty does cover fans.


I calculate for my gtx1080 0.24 zixx per day, does that sound about right?


which pool do people prefer for zixx I’m in


I’m on the official pool and have earned 0.6 ZIXX since it started at midnight. So with my 6x1080ti’s I guess that is 0.1 per GPU…maybe 0.25 per 1080ti per day


official pool is low hash rate


Thanks I will try GOS.CX


how many zixx we need for a masternode?


1000 as i remember (correct me if i am wrong)


Yes 1,000 I think and they were being sold for 0.5/1.0 BTC so I hope the token price will be between $4.50 and $9.00


Tried now, 6x Ti, with -i 7+ crashes, with -i 7 freezes whole rig for quite a time. With -i 6 it works.

I don’t have good vented place with AC for rig, so it’s set up to have temps under 69C, TDP under 85 with fans on 85% and doesn’t have optimal perf. Didn’t any OC to have them covered by warranty.


Some blocks are with high Nr and low Diff on, are those from Dev fees?

[2018-05-08 13:15:33] New block #68314 received, new difficulty is 18.687