Coin of Tomorrow


I am on equipool


0.2% fee on equipool…nice!


Hi, thanks for sharing.

How many ZEL do you earn per 1080ti ? Tried 6x1080Ti rig on equipool with NHminer (which miner do you use?) and 1hr earned 1.6 ZEL, seems better to buy for mined RVN then mine directly.


I get i think something around 25 coin pre 80Ti. Really not sure i am on my phone right now. An also i am drinking :joy:


Cheers :joy:


Thanks bud :rofl:


Guys Zixx is over 1440

[21:26:13] : New block #1442 received, new difficulty is 32.747


Pls go to my rig and run my .bat file. I cant cuz i am drunk already


I think no rush :slight_smile: Pickaxe last block -38min nr 1435 . Since then nothing, till then block every ~5-10min

I’m mining on official pool, but there are no block stats there, so you don’t know anything about your rewards :smiley:
EDIT First revenue arrived, Pickaxe found some blocks too. Let’s see what it does :slight_smile:


Moved to . Transparent yiimp and strong Nicehash miner caused 66+% blocks here.


Sorry for potentially a stupid question, but what is drawing you guys to mine Zixx?


@rotaryguy Just trying gamble if it’s next RVN (what issued the same question in the past) .


@drd gotcha thanks for the information!


@rotaryguy If so, you make some earns, if not, you loose some days. The coin “starts” today, so why not give it a try. And following the web it should be listed on cryptobridge soon (not expecting any hard fights of BTC buyers, just it’s listed and therefore promoted :slight_smile: )
Enjoy and good luck if you’re onboard :slight_smile:
Oh and this is my thought, maybe @hegemon1 will give his one, as soon as he gets silver (if this get’s big we need to meet and make some beers (or so) :smiley: )


Thanks for sharing…!

How do you configure nicehash miner to mine Zixx?


what miner for Zixx?
never mined neoscrypt




any link?


I took it from bitcointalk, I think. Sorry for not remembering, it was last night.
As for OC I use 90% TDP, +100 core and 350 mem. Tried more OC on core, but got error and miner closes.


did you set a manual intensity in the miner?