Coin of Tomorrow


It’s always possible that it could be a scamcoin, but it would be a strange one. It’s got a relatively low pre-mine, MNs that don’t start until miners have had some time on the coin, and even then, the MN ratio isn’t overwhelming. At the least, it looks more promising than Pigeon.


I’m on the same page as you all; mining EDEN. I like that MN dont kick in until late which gives us miners time to get them coins before our profits are hijacked by the MNs. I figured i’d leave some hashing power on EDEN until it hits block 12000 (thats when MN start and reward drops).

With that said I am not putting all my eggs in the EDEN basket (late easter reference). Since I dont see anything else of value out there I am also splitting my hashpower with PGN (i’ll stop once I hit 25K coins) and RVN (I run most my farm off HIVEOS and they just got enemy in there and wanted to see how some of my rigs perform)…


i heard that EDEN is Scam so stopped mining this coin. Can someone confirm?


The same cuestion here???


Looks like a scam; website is down and so is discord… From the looks of it they made a few bitcoins and decided to run with them. Lesson to be learned (hopefully no one was burned) is dont buy MN before coin is established.


Here is the new discord:
They try to decide what to do with the coin :slight_smile:


Thank you arabesque.26 hours of mining 220coins and nothing.F…ng scam.


New coin i’ve thrown some hash power at… at time of posting block height was 818

I am mining on (they are also on BSOD with a lot more hashpower but also higher fees). Keep in mine C11 is a core intensive algo and not a memory intensive one so best results are to increase core as much as you can for the power limit you run at.

Name: AXS
Algorithm : c11
Type : Proof of Work / Proof of Stake
Block Time (PoW/PoS) : 90 seconds
Difficulty Retargeting : Dark Gravity Wave 3
Mined Block Maturity : 150 blocks
Masternode Collateral : 1000 coins
MN payments start : After 5000 blocks
Premine : 2% - exchanges, adv, giveaway and etc.
Masternode Rewards : 60% after 5000 blocks
PoS coins maturation : 24 hour
PoW Rewards :
block 1 : 275,000 AXS (Premine)
blocks 2-650 : 0 AXS (Instamine Protection)
blocks 651-5,000 : 5 AXS for miners
blocks 5,000-300,000 : 2 AXS for miners
Last PoW Block : 300,000
PoS Rewards :
blocks 650-5000 : 2 AXS Staking
since block 5001 : 3 AXS MN, 2 AXS Staking

Simple website (but at least has one)

and they have a youtube video (though i would not be surprised if they stole from something else)…


FYI Here is a simple calculation for earnings would have gotten per pool

My Hash Power 333 MH/s
Block Reward 5
Blocks Found 72 18
Pool Hash Rate (MHs) 54400 11300
Earning % per block 0.6121% 2.9469%
Coin Per Block I would Earn 0.030606618 0.147345133
Total Earnings since block 651 2.203676471 2.652212389

As you can see would have earned 2.65 AXS compared to 2.20 from with a hash rate of 333MH/s since block 651.



Already had issues with start… wallets broke…

from discord:
ITIS Back End Dev - Today at 2:01 PM
@everyone Our start will be posponded. We will make announce about our start. Thank you for understanding


What i mine now:
ZIXX coin
OneMan coin

I hope they are worth of holding


ZIXX is from block 1440 wright?
So starts in few hours?


Well, u get full reward from block 1440. Untill then it is just 1% of full reward


Trying ZIXX on FutureCoins to see how it looks…can anyone recommend a good neoscrypt miner?


Ccminer 2.2.4 I think is ok.


Too early for mining ZIXX, waste of hashpower till block 1440


many thanks gents…I will look out for block 1440


Try Zel till then, i am sure they will hit CMC in few weeks and price should go up


Which pool are you using for Zel? I’m using but I don’t find the info very well laid out