Coin of Tomorrow


From last 2 days I use SuprNova and and relatively found SuprNova good, coz it has API access and remote monitoring.
But what I believe that overall reward is good for Minepool.


Any yiimp pool its good.


Which miner and pool is best for AGNI?


Suprnova is definitely not a bad pool, I wouldn’t take this person’s advice. I use Suprnova a lot and it’s great (along with plenty of other pools).

If you’re going to state that something is bad, explain why in detail or don’t post at all.

Suprnova has never seemed to take advantage of me and has always had great payouts and nethash, covers a lot of coins, very user friendly and easy to use.


Same here supernova seems fine to me, havnt had any problems


whoo! just broke a 1000 PGN on single 1080,just need them to be worth something in 5 years now :smile:


Pigeon listed on an exchange

but no buying orders at all, some transactions have happened though.


This guy roaming the forum promoting SuprNova, get exposed.


I think there is a topic for pools and suggest stopping discutions here.


Lets come back to the topic - myself started EDEN coin right now after PGN


I’m mining EDEN also now
just taking a PUNT on it as nothing else seems worth it for my hashing power


Anyone notice Pigeon spitting out less coins despite displaying same difficulty? Almost as if Difficulty isn’t updating visibly.


yes I saw the same with PGN that’s why I switched to EDEN

c3tr4 have you any opinions on EDEN

doesn’t seem to offer anything new but very low difficulty currently


also what’s better for x16s enemy or nevermore


Not yet but I have also switched to EDEN so we’ll see how that goes!

Edit: See a lot of people claiming scam coin in the ANN thread but I feel I’m becoming immune to these cries as they seem to always happen for every coin.


lol yup I read the same :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention, I don’t use Nevermore I just edit Enemy and keep using it. So if anyone finds that Nevermore is better please state why.

Brand of 1080TI you’re using, Core/Mem/TDP settings so I can compare.



What guy and where? Provide source links for proof.


I couldnt find ann on bitcointalk about EDEN Coin. Where is ann, website or wallet?