Coin of Tomorrow


A place to pool our thoughts to find the next RVN and start mining it at its inception.


I personally look at’s “Announcements (Altcoins)” as well as check out pool in my search for the best new coins to mine that are not mainstream yet. If anyone else has any other good spots that they do research let me know!


I check bitcointalk, follow a few different pools on Twitter (like Angrypool and and will occasionally attempt to mine a coin the second it goes live to get in while the difficulty is low. The success rate of this has ben pretty low, unfortunately. A few coins where I made $10/TI for a few hours, but it quickly fell off, and not worth all the time I spent mining coins that I ended up making basically nothing on when the price collapsed.

The biggest struggle right now is that most of the launch coins are MN coins. MNs are fine, in theory (since the MNs should lock up supply and increase value), but the big question is when they kick in, and what the splits of income are. 70%MN/30% mining at the getgo is just not worth mining. The people who are starting the coin are just going to give themselves a ton of nodes and take most of the mined coins, or sell off the MNs on discord and abandon the coin. The people who buy MNs will either be flooding the market or doubling up on MNs too quickly. Maybe you can mine for a day or two and hope to sell it off before it hits an exchange, but likely not worth your time. Realistically, if a coin has any long term goals, it shouldn’t start off with much in the way of masternode rewards.


Guys, check out AGNI:
Just started to mine it, and the results from 10 min are avg 1 AGNI/day/ti x 0.0006BTC (listed on crypto-bridge).
I’’ stick to it for today and see how it pays out.


On crypto bridge it´s 0.00000633 BTC/Agni = $ 0.0450574464


Nope, it’s not


Sorry, I don´t know why it showed me wrong numbers earlier.


Thank you for information


You’re welcome.
But you have to test and see results. I only have test it for short time. More accurate results can be seen in probably 12 hours. Depends a lot on the market too. So take all facts together and make your own decision. I too am learning as we go.
Good luck to us all.


I started mining AGNI 10hrs ago. I mined .45 AGNI on 2x1080ti @ 80MH and 1xR9 390 @20MH

It comes out to .2 AGNI/ 1080ti for 10hrs and at this rate around .5 agni per/1080ti/day


@lethean: what pool? You got verry good result. 5AGNI x 0.0006BTC = 0.003BTC/day/ti=21$.


He got 0.5 AGNI.

I will gamble and stay on PGN for now.


BSOD, using alexis-1.0 for the 1080tis

Also, there was a decimal point there :slight_smile: 0.5 AGNI/1080ti/day

Edit: I totally lied about the pool… It’s BSOD not Supernova


Sorry, I saw just now :grin:


I am doing same as @coin; mining PGN while its lower difficulty. Up until this morning had some crazy good luck finding blocks for the hashpower mining PGN. I got a solid amount of coins for a 24 hour block of time. Lets hope they can get out of this dry spell soon (only found 1 block in 6 hours, were finding a couple an hour) and get back on the lucky streak!

NOTE - They did though change the fee’s of RVN from .25 to .5 and PGN from .1 to .2. Its still a risk to mine this pool (ppl lost payouts a while ago and no one explained what happened) BUT I have always seen them having good luck when i’ve been mining in their pool.


Spoke too soon, they just found a block lol


For me suprnova was the best pool of them all, because they have never, not once been down or had problems with payouts, so you might consider switching to this pool.


its bad pool


trying to start mining o PIGNcoin but could not find the wallet, can someone send a link . thanks


Why? Tell me one thing that´s bad about it.