Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


RVN, ETH, LYRA2REV2, everything is currently more or less $1/1080ti/day


I used your link, please approve.


Mine merit more than 2$ profit per day
use my invite to join
And i will fast approve the request.


How do you calc 2$ profit ?


? With 1.2+ cycle u get 16+ MRT a day.Now diff reduced.and its 2.8$ per day.
Sorry i mentioned about 2 cards.But it is the most profitable coin to mine now.
Just hold the coin or put 3000 sat+ value on trade.And easily we can get 3$ per single 1080ti.



i have invite too, but this coins is not good now


“asuseppi” Anyone know the person with this username on merit?


Hey bane are u from here?


Yes if you think from this forum. Thanks for invite me.


U maided an another account.Why? what happend to first one?Anyway i confirmed both.