Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


All exchange for now is done on or discord

And since everyone else is giving their invite links…

use :smiley:


how much is 1 merit? xD


Click the link mayne :stuck_out_tongue:
about 5k sats atm


Does anybody need an invitation to mine Merit? Here is one:


@stod - you are confirmed
There is one more invitation, follow the link above!


Merit still goods growth reward.


Is it possible to mine Merit on 7x1080Ti RIG with Core i3-8100 CPU? I read here, that it is very CPU demanding…


with the new miner there is less cpu consuming option so your i3 would probably handle 7*1080ti


Some updates on :

  • More coins added ;

  • You can now check some details by clicking a coin’s name ;

  • You can now edit the hashrates for your own cards/rigs.

Still up to date for the 1080ti card and the last miners. Would be nice to be added to the useful links as well :wink:


sorry guys, I have no more invites now.


I have 1 to give out: nsummy



How much $/1080ti/day is everyone making with merit? is it the best coin right now? everything else seems to be $1/day.


Hi! I’ve used your invitation code. Can you please confirm that. Thanks.


Approved it yesterday, let me know if you don’t see it. I have one more to give out: nsummy


Hi guys,somebody have a good profit coin for mining?


now,what i see the best is rvn for our 1080ti 1.2$ per card


Have 4 more invites to those who still serious about mining this coin.


for those interested, enemy miner was upgraded in version 1.19 with perf improvements:
For 1080Ti 100 % PL ( 250-270W) , CC +130 ( ~1900MHz), mem 0 or -512, drivers 398,3

X16R&S : ~ up to 27 MH/s
X17: ~ 28 MH/s
Bitcore: ~ 47,5 MH/s


Hi All, what do you mine now? I’m on RVN, but it’s not very profitable…