Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners

U can use mine instant confirm within 2 hr!


how often does merit pool payout I have received a payment at 9:30pm last night and then 10:30pm and nothing since?


If you want a quick invite to Merit Wallet please use this link and I will activate it right away:

Enjoy Mining Merit then !:sleeping:


how many merit per 1080ti per day currently?


which way is better to mine with wallet?or Miner [Merit 0.5.6]?


About 7-9 merit per day


Hi Gents - I still got plenty of invites. Let us extend the Merit community - feel free to use my invitation link:

Quick activation! (just pls give me a short message, here, on Telegram @Nahkrul or on Discord: Nahkrul#2006 - with your Wallet Alias/ID, so I can easily confirm your activation.)

Happy Mining!


I would say to use:

Web Wallet

Windows Command Line Merit Miner

and also mine on the mining pool, it gives a more steadier income with lesser downtime’s then the main pool.


There is 0.3 version, same link, just change the version

What’s your rewards / 1080ti?


I mining GIN by Smos with 4*1080ti and getting 16mhs on the angrypool. According to all calculators I should getting around 1gincoin in 24hours, but my actual reward is only 0,5gincoin in 24hours. Any advice???


And also, does anyone knows on what this parrameters affect -p x,d=0.01 -N 30 -i 18 in the code …
-a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u (address).(workername) -p x,d=0.01 -N 30 -i 18


Try with CryptoDredge 0.8.3 miner , you sould get at least 18 mhs with 4 1080ti’s


This is for Windows only? I’m using linux now since is too hot and windows using more power and producing heat on the cards.

Does anyone knows purpose of this code (D=0.01 -N 30 - i 18) full code is -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u (address).(workername) -p x,d=0.01 -N 30 -i 18, maybe this affect on lower reward than usual. According to calculators I should get 1GIN per 24hours with 16mhs, but receiving only 0,4Gin per 24hours and don’t know what to do.


It saies also for linux . im using windows version its great on lots of algo .
give it a try . you wont regret it :wink:

i would also try different pool . im good at :


Awaiting approval from link for wallet.



What coin do you currently mine?


need approval from master @smallworm. :wink:
is it still profitable?


hey guys what coin is best for 5x 1080TI???


reg. closed


where can i exchange merit coins??