Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Thanks a lot… I guess you’d need to confirm my request? @golimpio


Hi m8, I have activated it this morning, sorry for the late reply!


Just getting started with merit, mining on parachute pool, there is ant way to track our work like bsod or yiimp ?
It didnt work too with awesome miner, any tips?
using this cmd line: merit-minerd-0.3.exe --url stratum+tcp:// --address xxxxxx --gpu 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 --cores 0
thx ! :slight_smile:


kartel please confirm me. username: philippians


G_Ruff - could you send me an activation token - thanks


sorry philippians, only had one token to invit


@NahKrul created wallet, pls accept


Hi m8, I have activated all wallets, which I had in pending activation. Pls tell me your alias/ID to confirm.


sent in pm


Would be happy to receive an invite for merit as well


here you go


Thanks! Ready for confirmation


Have one invite available.


drd can I have the invite please




thanks DRD I have created wallet




Hey guys,
How do you mine Merit?which way is better?and is there any optimization for it overclocking and etc?


mining with 6x 1080ti. There was high 90ksat order in market, but min. sell was 5mrt. When having 4.6mrt, order disappeared and current price 8.5ksat :smiley: How typical. With that price, MRT is about nicehash, how typical again :smiley:

According to discord, the market “is beta, don’t use it” (wtf?). Escrow 1mrt ~4ksat, With “90ksat order in market”, high mining power supply pushed down the rewards. Now when it’s gone, rewards grow, 1+ mrt/h . Under 25mrt/d it’s under Nicehash (100ksat+/d), Under 35mrt/d under WTC (~135ksat). (and you need to find sb who want’s to buy - don’t know why he would)


I have plenty of invites left!