Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Goose, how long has it taken you to get invites? Been using this for a month now and I still have zero available!


I also have one invite. fcfs :slight_smile:


what happened to LUX im unable to mine on pickaxe or bsod


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Hi guys,

For those who have not seen it I have made a post, regarding Merit, here on JKC Forum:

I still have plenty of invites, please feel free to use them:

PM here, or on @Nahkrul (Telegram) or @Nahkrul#2006 (Discord) - for a quick activation!

Happy Mining!


I’ve got one invite too


Tried their miner. Couldn’t set up it sucesfully so far. I have 3 NVIDIA GPUs, my bat file is:
merit-minerd-0.2.exe --url stratum+tcp:// --address ADRESS --gpu 0 1 2 --cores 2
It telling me my cuda version is insufficient but keep mining at 0.11 cycles. All my 3 Gpus are in idle state (fans at minimum). I’ve installed latest 398.82 drivers. Can someone help me?


You need the CUDA 9.2 Toolkit ( I recommend the local version, so it doesn’t download everything each time you run it (what the network version will do). It comes with the display and audio drivers bundled, so you’ll get the latest of everything. And I’d check your CPU usage while mining, to make sure it’s not running too hard and choking out the GPUs. MERIT is definitely more demanding on the CPU than most algos.

I also have a few invites and I’m in the top 12% of the community from my own mining (I’ve only invited one person and they haven’t done anything with MERIT). Anyone here is welcome to request an invite from me: JBHLJ


are you on windows or linux? where did you download the miner?


Hey, let’s use Merit, a digital currency for humans! Here is invite … fast confirming :


How much per day/1080ti are you making mining Merit?


For an 1080 ti - you will do @50+ coins per day and at current pricing (1 Merit = 0.035 USD, or 0.000048 BTC) you will be doing @ 1.8 USD/1080ti/day. But depends, there are days when difficulty change (gets lower) and Merit worth more on their Market, (0.0045 or 0.000055 BTC) and you will be doing 2 USD +.

More details on:

If interested and you want to give it a try, you can use my invite:


Somehow I thought all needed cuda libs supposed to be in drivers…
Thank you for the info!
Unfortunately my rig as it is right now, has limited disk space, this package 1.5Gb I’ve downloaded but can’t even unpack it, no free space :frowning:
Heck, what in a world did they put there…
Do not have time to change things. Think I’ll return mining BTG.
Thanks anyway


I received 2 requests to my invite link I posted earlier…
@gesha - you are confirmed.
@ominioanaru31 - sorry, no more invites


Hi Guys,

If you are interested in MERIT and want to join the community, please feel free to use my invitation link:

I have plenty of invites! :slight_smile:


Any overclocking setting for merit ??

i’m having constantly restart

9.2 cuda installed
using merit miner 0.2
latest nvidia drivers


I accept the invitation within 12 hours
please use my invite


MEMORY -502 Best


Thanks, but TDP ?? and core ??


Cool - seems I can’t pm you here…