Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


z-enemy 1.12a cuda 9.1???


9.1 9.2 your choise. Indifferent mh


Thank you


@fabio Do you have advisor account for referral ?


All my hash power is on Merebel! I love this Project, you can join the CREBELLION on Discord.

Algo: Lyra2z

This coin have mutch Hightech in it!

Coin have startet for a week, difficulty is also very very low for a Lyra2z coin.

What do you mean about this coin mates?


That Merebel coin looks pretty interesting actually. Might be fun to play. Their website is terrible though and english even worse haha


You can use mine, id 256. However, you won’t earn bonus coins until the advisor account is 1 million blocks old. That’s at 2 a.m. UTC Friday for mine. Once that happens, we each earn a bonus reward for each reward you receive (so it effectively doubles yours).


I’m wondering how sustainable it is going to be running a tera node with the 1 second block times lol


Thx, but entered some lower id sorry. At night some strange behavior, it looked like “every 1s block is mined”. Than suddenly the Amount lowered back, the net didn’t sync. It’s still very early project, so I mine just because I have no use for i7700k currently (used for high cpu usage of wtc miner earlier). Why not :slight_smile:

Anyone knows the current trade of Tera / expected trade (guess nobody can predict)


drd - that is what happened to me. Turned into an epic waste of time and I gave up after a few installs. I’m confused about the project anyway and what it hopes to accomplish. The update system requiring git is insane considering updates show up multiple times a day. I just can’t imagine any exchanges taking this thing on.


Is it profitable to mine ethereum with a tablet on 1080 ti?


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Hey goose can you please confirm your invite I just created me wallet ! Thanks pal


Please confirm Goose, s…n, i have created a wallet


Done and Done for you both! I have 4 remaining!


I just created a wallet, can you confirm please?


Hi, I created a wallet too, I’d like to mine. Can you please confirm me too?


Hi I created AlBar. please confirm too


I haven’t forgotten! I will confirm all within the next few hours.


I also created one.Please unlock me