Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Yeah, earnings also match with whattomine’s estimates


i see thanks!!!


Hi guys, Ive been watching this for a while, time to login and reply :slight_smile:

I take it the $3 a day RVN/1080Ti page is not updated since this forum launch?

Also, have you looked at the masses on gdox/etc… n see how heaps of people are mining one particular coin and though about going for that one? Just a thought.

Ive been mining RVN for ages for the payout is getting worse.


Hi Guys

Someone mining Motion (X16r) XMN coin?
A good project or scam?



Hey guys, what do you think about this coin:


getting about $1.86 per card per day on ETH. TDP 70 MEM +600


how??? what pool and what card are you using mate?


What hashrate are you getting?


What’s everyone mining now? BTC rises and all alts are down, wtc 70ksat, rvn 200sat


eth with 67% power limit & pill 52.5 MH/s, using PhoenixMiner 3.0c because:

  1. I can reduce more the power limit than in Claymore for the same hashrate
  2. the dual mining is worth almost nothing (and I pay for electricity)

I mine bittube (cryptonight heavy) on my RX580 cards, with SRBMiner v1.6.4…

and I mine MINEX with EWBF’s v0.4 on my old GTX980…


I use 2.9c any difference?


@cirlama Thx for info, rev / 1080ti /day in BTC ?


I would say 1.8 to 2 $ / day / ti, minus 0.4 $ roughly for elec
(no idea for PhoenixMiner 3.0c vs 2.9c, I was using claymore before, I just noticed that hashrates are very similar between both miner, but that I can go lower in power with phoenix…)


hashrates of t-rex miner (phi2, lyra2z…) on different gtx cards:


Still no Good opportunity ? :frowning:


Guys I am mining TERA with CPU while mining another coin with GPU. IF someone needs help can contact me directly. I think/hope this will be quite profitable in a few weeks.


I cant really CPU mine as im running G4400s… but I can tell you I make roughtly $.80 to $.90 a day per 1070ti off LUX (or ~0.25 lux per card per day)… now im not selling and just increasing my staking position.


I can tell you this my Antminer Z9 Mini is ~60% ROI’d in 5 weeks!!! That thing is making me some money!


What is the best miner for Raven now?


z-enemy 1.12