Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Yeah, earnings also match with whattomine’s estimates


i see thanks!!!


Hi guys, Ive been watching this for a while, time to login and reply :slight_smile:

I take it the $3 a day RVN/1080Ti page is not updated since this forum launch?

Also, have you looked at the masses on gdox/etc… n see how heaps of people are mining one particular coin and though about going for that one? Just a thought.

Ive been mining RVN for ages for the payout is getting worse.


Hi Guys

Someone mining Motion (X16r) XMN coin?
A good project or scam?



Hey guys, what do you think about this coin:


getting about $1.86 per card per day on ETH. TDP 70 MEM +600


how??? what pool and what card are you using mate?


What hashrate are you getting?