Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners

  • What’s best to mine now with 1080ti? RVN is low profit lately.

  • BMiner is also very good for Equihash/Ethash/Tensority miner for CUDA GPUs
    When I used it, it gave better results than EWBF’s miner.

  • Can we join together in a group buy and buy a new miner from SP?


RVN is not profitable for now.
You can try MCT Plus, MANO or GIN. They are all Lyra2z algo. Energy and hardware friendly.


Recommended miner and oc settings for mano and gin?


This is best miner for above mentioned Lyra2z coins
Me currently mining MCT.

For Lyra2z tda already optimized and you can set core 50+( increase it till you rig is stable) and memory to 0 ( don’t play with it much)


Thanks… Just one comment for others - don’t use version 1.4 of coolMiner, it’s unstable… Go for 1.3.


How much $/1080ti/day is MCT currently?


T-rex is faster in lyra2z and latest version 0.4c is now available for windows in addition to linux
I get 4.4 MH/s with 1080 ti @ 55% power load and 2.4 on 1070 (almost 20% more than coolminer)

the interface is not very nice, but for me it’s stable for last 24 hours (-i 22)


I tried MCT for a few hours on, but it was a bit disappointing


Will try T-rex. Yes, MCT not good option now only $1.5/1080ti.


I know it’s off topic, but what do you think guys? Is it a good time to sell our 1080 Tis now and buy 1180 when it gets released?


What do you mine now?


Yeah, what do you mine now guys? Good to have updates every few days…

For me this is what I mine: I have 2 1080 Ti
XZC - 4.5mh/s
ETH - 53mh/s

Point 1 GPU to separate coin.


what’s your oc seetings?


I mine ETH right now 5x 1080 Ti estimated 7.6 $ per day


anyone mining XSH?


I use a curve. Core is sitting at 2050mhz and memory at 4498mhz


Does it report same 4.6 MH/s on poolside?


what coins is this???


I use normally +120 core +500 mem on most algos, and I tune the power load, quite low in these hot days (around 65%), I also usually leave the pill on in case I switch to an algo using memory…


That XSH number is incorrect. They hard forked last week, this is probably on the old chain