Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


I use alexis fork that is here

and also there is QuaLiTyX’s fork here


profit 1080ti/day??? SONO?


profit/day 1080ti and I see if I can collaborate, obviously depends on the profit.


Any pool suggestions for LUX?




Thanks will take a look. Any estimates how many LUX per day pero 1080 Ti now?


I have tried BSOD and pickaxe for LUX and getting better results on BSOD


You might want to test that again.
If i got given a Dogecoin for everytime I read BSOD steals profits… ah man, id have like 100+ doge.

Getting about 0.3-0.4 lux per 1080ti per day on Pickaxe. @jelome1989


Hows the cryptodredge 0.5.1 for phi2 on 1080ti


Thanks looks like I get about the same.


seeing about a 7.5% increase on CryptoDredge 0.6.0 vs 2.3 on phi2…Can’t comment about electricity use as my killawatt is not inline…


Cryptodredge is definitely faster than ccminer


How about stability? Does earnings say the same too?


I can’t say much about the earnings as I haven’t done any super scientific analysis, but cryptodrudge has never crashed on me and if you compare the miner reported hashrates its about 13% faster for me, making it a no brainer even with the dev fee. This doesn’t surprise me as rarely does tprovet have the fastest miner. He is good at including lots of algos but doesn’t seem like much of an optimizer. Its hard to argue with free though :slight_smile:


Alright cool, great answer. Thank you for that reply


where download enemy and sp???


sp is a guy selling his modified ccminer with increased hashrate on bitcointalk, there is no download link
we had a copy of previous sp miner, but it’s not working on phi2…

for enemy, there is a link here

(I didn’t test his latest version 1.12 on phi2 yet)

and for cryptodredge: (but people say dredge has issues, may be better to wait next release?)


There is also this t-rex miner that looks interesting for lyra2z, tribus, phi2

latest version is near the end of the thread v0.4b, but it’s a linux only miner so far
(so I didn’t tested it, I run Win10…)


and here is another good miner for equihash variants: EWBF’s

tested and working with good hashrate (u need to try on your variant…)


FYI I have tried ourminer and z-enemy 1.11 on x16r. Although ourminer reports a higher rate at the miner, I get consistently higher hash with z-enemy reported at the various servers. Thus, I continue to use z-enemy. I haven’t upgraded to the 9.2 drivers, so I haven’t run 1.12 yet.