Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


change algorithm to phi2

ccminer-x64 -a phi2


I’ve been mining NIX, hard to say if its profitable or not


Tell me which miner to use for lux phi2, which is better pool and what settings afterburner


For Phi2 U need CCminer 2.3 ( at


You can also use other miners, like zenemy or cryptogen


any idea which of the miners is best?


CryptoDredge 0.5.1

I get 5000 out of the 1070ti and 7100 out of the 1080ti


is there a new wallet for LUX or something as payments are not showing up in my wallet even though its synced


Get the latest MERCURY wallets here -


hello any 5 x 1080 TI miners here? what coin are you mining right now??


@mad_scape Well right now all my rigs are on sono v2 recently it went on crex24 so rise is in the horizon.


Rev / 1080ti ? Which pool ?


diff and price right now is really versatile so its between 2 - 10 usd per 1080ti
i’m on


unable to launch windows wallet, crashes with 0xc0000005 in ntdll.dll .
v2.0.1.1 and v2.0.0.2 , tried on rig and the same


never seen that error make sure to use or try using crex24’s wallet.


was caused by changing the datadir location. With default it works.

Which miner do you use?


fork of alexis on their github


Miner shows 15.9MH for 6x1080Ti in console. Miningpatriot 12-15Mh . 30min 0.2sono. ~10sono/day/6xTi . Hashrate on miningpatriot went high today.
With 11000sat offer on crex, it’s under Nicehash. Sell offers are 28000sat+ so depends on trade :slight_smile:
What were your revs in sono in past days / ti ?


what miner? for SONO


well i was mining from sono v1 but it was around 2-10 usd per day for each of them as i mentioned CMC is gonna update to the new one too and the coin is promising enough i made a decent profit from altcom back in the day so i’m in for the long term but short term you can gather some decent profit really soon i suggest you adjust your intensity to 20-22 for more hashrate and focus on core clock.

and also if you want to see your sono/day you can use
the reason i use miningpatriot is because dev and zpools owner asked us to spread the hash a bit so pool doesn’t become unstable.