Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


I have a simplebank account, I like it, and since I only use it for depositing transfers fiat to crypto and vice versa I don’t mind not having a physical building. you could try angrypool for RVN, but the payout seems to vary greatly.


100 is quite good at this difficulty. I’m getting around 250 (±10) with 3 1080ti’s.


gravium is good. it will be listed soon. its fork of desire. and team from motion xmn


what are people mining now? or is everyone still mining raven


It’s just sad that this thread posted the last “coin of the day” months ago. Is it THAT hard to create sub-thread for those general discussions? Just post your best coin and how much you can get. Anything else belongs to different threads!


Anyone mining SafeCoin? It is now using Equihash 144,5 algo . I will report back if its any good.


i did mine it for like month


Back from vacations in Sicily (each time I go away, bitcoin crash…)
small update:
the numbers on the left are indicated in the web address of the coin in whattomine (ex 217 for XVG lyra2rev2)


Rabbit is pumping give it a try!


The moment I started the diff went up rapidly, damn :smiley:
Price dumped.


What are you people mining these rough days?


MDEX & XMN!!! working on my 2nd MN!!!


I am still mining RVN. Can’t find anything else interesting. Any suggestions?


Still rolling with wtct, but with the difficulty spike and bad luck havent found any blocks these few days, considering switching to ethereum


I was mining LUX for a few hours. LUX mining is back up again. I was doing around 15$/1080TI/day and mined around 200 bucks, but difficulty is skyrocketing again…


15$ each 1080ti?


how come only ccminer 2.3 for lux now sp mod doesn’t work anymore


which pool are people mining LUX I only get invalid shares


ok sorted what hash rate per Ti are you getting on LUX?
any overclock suggestions?


tested and same: invalid shares only (with ccminer tpruvot 2.3 as recommended or sp-mod or enemy)