Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


For LUX, I was using Enemy 1-10 but I understand there is a v1-11 out now.

I tried mining Loki which is a fork of Monero…Got me a bit less than $2 per 1080ti per day. On the plus side it is $0.70 per coin and has potential to do well. For that I was using xmrig-nvidia-2.6.1-cuda9-win64 as the miner. Loki uses Cryptonight-Heavy algo and I understand that it might be better for AMD GPUs


I have 6 Zotacs AMP and 5 EVGAs SC2…Zotacs are much way hotter, at some algos they hit my max temp limit 80C.
Evgas running much cooler, usually at 65C and they preform better and can handle higher OC.


EVGA is the best by far! Dual ball bearings, cool, build like a tank. Don’t cheap out on those Zotacs now the cards are cheap… EVGA is way better than all the competition… (I have Zotacs, gigabyte windforce, gigabyte aorus, inno3D and KFA2s and the EVGA is way ahead).


Thanks strobi, i was considering which of them to choose. Was mostly decided for Zotcs, but now I gonna try EVGA :wink:


EVGA is Nvidia’s official (main) partner, same as Sapphire is AMD’s … best products will usually come from them :wink:


I have Palit Gamerock 1 and Premium 4, Aorus Extreme WB 1, Extreme (coolers) 1, Extreme Waterforce 2, Asus Rog Poseydon 1 (and using hybrid cooling), and Rog Strix 1. The coolest are Aorus Extreme Waterforce (38 to max 48C depending on algo and OC). Second is Rog Strix (5 to 10C higher than Waterforce). Using fans at 100% all time. So, my personal opinion is Rog Strix. Witch I will be buying from now on. The hottest is Rog Poseydon at 55 to 60C.


God dammit… another dump going on…

Anyway I’m going to leave crypto for a while, it only gives me stress :slight_smile:

So before I leave… what coins are you mining atm? (coins for the long run)
Then I can switch my miners to that/those coins and leave them there :sailboat:

Currently mining:
Rig 1: Zelcash
Rig 2: Zencash
Rig 3: RVN



any new coin worth to look into? everything is going down hard


I know Ruplik mentioned it awhile ago but WTC is still very profitable. $8-10/day per 1080ti for GMN holders.
I am paying 3.5 WTC per block mined to my WTCT address at token swap (normal blocks only pay 2wtc). I am currently supporting 8 miners at around ~40 blocks a day and looking to expand and add new miners now. If you are interested in mining I need 2 things a payment address and a user tag so I can know the blocks you mined and can reimburse you accordingly this can be set using miner.setExtra(‘stringofyourtag’).

I track and post updates to the google doc:
Or respond to me on reddit at Lbp8bd And I just created a telegram group so other miners can talk to each other My WTCT address miner.setEtherbase(‘0xbe0c5360bcba8656eadd415583200180baa8670f’)

If you are interested or have any questions please let me know, have a great weekend.

Very Respectfully, Levi


now LUX has ended what do people suggest mining, looking for a low volume coin like lux


I have 2 EVGA SC’s and 1 ZOTAC Amp extreme.
The Zotac is running about 5 degrees cooler and running at approx. 150MHz higher clock. It’s already factory higher clocked, so you can’t overclock it so much. But it’s giving better results with multiple coins i’ve mined.


EXTREME edition is diffrent story and it is one of the best Tis you can have.

Normal ZOTAC and AMP editions are lets say avarage…


Seems nothing to mine nice again… Any idea?


Mine RVN! RVN is really profitable right now. Way more than Whattomine suggests.


what pool are you mining rvn on?




how many rvn per day do you get per Ti?


~100? What is still like 2,2 usd per card for actual price around 330sat


not too bad


has anyone tried simplebank? i am getting around 80 rvn in ravenminer…any better pool?