Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Just a quick update on our project, which is funded by miners only (no masternode or coin sales). Our miners have mined almost 1.1 Bitcoin worth of LUX/RVN to DRIP owned addresses so we are now fully funded for our imminent exchange listing (CryptoBridge) and partially funded for our masternodes listings website fees.

There are only 11 days left during which anyone can request a LUX/RVN address from us to which to link their DRIP address that they generate using our wallet. When they mine to this address, they get daily payouts of DRIP instead of LUX/RVN and the LUX/RVN is sold to fund our listing fees.

The project itself is based on the latest version of PIVX with the addition at launch of ‘retailer rewards’ and the upcoming addition of a ‘Spend as Bitcoin’ on our roadmap.



has anyone tried PGN last days? is it so profitable as some calculators claim?


PGN have no value = no buyes


anyone know what SPD has been removed from


SPD PoW ended. Not minable anymore


I’m looking to build a new rig. I have a 6 1070 Ti rig and just got all the base materials for an 8 card rig. At these current GPU prices do you guys still think 1080 TI’s are worth the roughly $829 price tag they are going for? Would 8 1070 Ti’s at around $500 be more bang for the buck? Let me know what you guys think.


New 11 series looks to be announced in the next couple weeks and should be available for purchase in next few months. if you can hold off i would.

IF you still want to buy a 10 series card here are the questions you need to answer: Are you worried about the heat off the cards and do you care about your electric bill…

If you care about the heat from the cards and your electric bill i’d go with 1070tis; if you dont care then go with 1080tis.

To put things in perspective a 1070ti produces about 30% less hash power then a 1080ti while using 50% less power. In other words the 1070ti is way more efficient at mining then a 1080ti. If you then consider the power usage of the cards you can then get an idea about how much hotter a 1080ti is compared to a 1070ti… now a few cards wont be noticeable but when you start adding cards up then you have a larger heat issue you have to deal with as well as larger power supplies required to power them all.

I personally have sold off all my 1080tis in prep for the new 11 series. I now only have my 1070tis in my farm.


Well said trog,

I expect after 11 series hit market, 10 series should be bit cheaper so i get 1080Tis. Or i just buy 11 series; depends on price


I was patiently waiting for the 11 series as well but yesterday the Nvidea CEO said " 'A long time from now" when asked about the 11 series so I figured I didn’t want to wait that long lol I might just go ahead with the 1070 ti’s then because the electric bill has gone up a significant amount with my first rig and the room is already starting to get a bit hot. I have gigabyte gpus now and they are not my favorite. I’ve heard EVGA is the way to go? Any recommendations?


I have gigabytes 80tis. I am happy with them, but my next rig will be zotacs. I read a lot a good stuff about Zotacs


What calculators are claiming that it is profitable? It has high difficulty right now relative to its network hash rate. 100 blocks are taking over 24 hours instead of 100 minutes. its profitability by my calc is about $1.50/1080TI… not good.

Anyone know why Nicehash Lyra2rev2 is paying out so well? I can’t find any Lyra2rev2 coins that can be mined for near what Nicehash is paying. Whatever is being mined has a block count of appx 97607 right now. Anyone know what is going on?


I don’t know why it’s so hot on nicehash for Lyra2rev2 , but I sell to them…

I tried XSH in Lyra2rev2 (it’s multi algo coin), but it’s not worth at all…


I have in terms of 1070tis Gigabyte, ASUS Strix, and EVGA.

The best ones by far are the EVGAs. They get best hashrates, never have issue with temps on them, and they are solid as a rock.

The ASUS coming in 2nd, they have almost the same hashrate as the EVGA but for some reason they flack out on certain algos (mostly equihash and thus i leave them mining things like lux, raven, etc) and im all good. Now maybe its just mine but its given me the icky about em.

Last place is the gigabyte ones… now to credit these they are solid as a rock and almost never crap out BUT the hash rate is lower then the rest. To give an example (I have 6 of each of these cards) mining equihash my ASUS and EVGA wil give me about 3150 Sols where my gigabyte will give me 3060 Sols… now thats not that big of a deal BUT if you can get both cards for the same price it might be worth it to buy the ones that can get you the extra 90 Sols… it’ll add up kids.

As for 11 series being delayed… i hope not… i have a sizable amount of money ready and waiting to buy me a ton of them when they are announced… and in the mean time im offsetting my “farm” hashrate with a bitmain z9 mini. Just waiting a couple more weeks for that bugger to get in.


Some speak of a 51% attack on lyra2rev2 coins, such as monacoin


I dont think it’s a 51% attack because all of the major coins have more than 98K blocks out there (its currently on 97697, 90 blocks in about 3 hrs). This is either premining a new coin, or mass mining a shit coin in advance of a pump. I just cant figure out which coin.



I spent about 45 minutes this afternoon looking at every major multipool, along with searching bitcointalk announcements for anything that mentioned lyra2v2 or lyra2rev2 and came up empty handed. I’ve never really paid attention to the block numbers when mining nicehash, are they even real block numbers or is it possible that its just some meaningless number that nicehash sends to ccminer?



Hey. About coin on Lyra2Rev2. I checked the correspondence of the block number from Nicehash with blocks of other coins. Not a single coincidence. Checked Absolute, Galactrum (ORE), ABS, SECI, Straks (STAK), EXVO, Methuselah (SAP), Scribe (SCRIBE), Kreds (KREDS), Lunex (LUNEX), Racecoin (RACE), SHIELD (XSH-lyra2v2), Rupee (RUP), Unitus (UIS-lyra2v2), VertCoin (VTC), Argentum, HANA, DESIGN, WeyCoin, XVG. According to my calculations, the block time should be about 3 minutes, and if the coin startered from block 1, then it is about three months


Are people finding LUX profitable at the moment? Tried it a week ago and it was pretty poor.


It was for me in mid may. May not be bad now, but far behind Lyra2v2… what miner are you using?