Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Hi,can u give me more info about SPD.I may help u out. PM me or on telegram @Ariman_Tech


Hi, i do not look at mining profit, i just want to set masternode up. Anyway i mine with 5x1080ti and get around 11 SPD/day


How many SPD are required for masternode?




I opened my SPD wallet today and had a balance of 38 SPD, but within a few hours I see an additional 100 coins added even though I haven’t mined it since 2 weeks. There’s no way my 38 SPD stacked to give me 100 additional SPD.

Does anyone know what’s going on??


Are you on a correct chain? What is version of your wallet?


Suggest joining their Disscord channel who will have experts to assist you


True, they are very active on discord


Was able to get through to them via discord. Thanks guys.


still no body say what you mine now for the future forget about now profits

everyone say what you mine…?


What did they say about the extra coins from staking? Correct outcome? Odd?


I am yet with ALPS. Stopped 3 days ago go get a few RVN (Well, after yesterdays story was not worthed …) and back now on ALPS. Lets see but for me as well promising project. Communication is not their main strength but progressing good :slight_smile:


Could you please provide more info about ALPS project such as mining pool, discord channel, official web page.

Thank you.


It was staked from the wrong blockchain. Once I updated the wallet and bootstrap, it went back to my original number of coins… It was too good to be true… lol. No free coins… :stuck_out_tongue:


Exchange is now crex as they want an ALPS/FIAT (EUR) bind for real life use.
No further big(ger) exchange focused for now, small team …


Which miner do you use for ALPS?


I mined ZCoin on lyra2z for a long time and the best I could get was about 3.5mh/s per card. The upside is as mentioned it uses far less energy. I cut my power bill in half switching my 9 rigs from ZClassic to ZCoin. I always set memory at -350 to -400. Here is everything I used and settings.


I am running this on ccminer 2.2.4 but didnt test others yer …


I’m using 2.2.5, but it doesn’t seem to be as profitable as RVN :confused:


Finding things tough going with my 6 x 1080ti’s. RVN was good until Saturday then has really dropped off. Difficulty seems ok but I guess overall hashrate must be high dies to ASICS etc.

LUX not very good for me either for the same reason I assume.