Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Old Miner but gives me 3.2mh on a 1080ti


What settings you running for OC? I have low power draw atm, running 65% on my 1080 ti’s. Only could get 2.5 at best, is it core or memory intensive algorithm?


@fabio One thing to consider to mine WTC with several cards might be using virtual machines, one per card, each one running the miner on a different card


ABS (absolute) algo in lyra2rev2 just increased 140% on graviex, I get 76 MH/s with 1 gtx 1080 ti on that algo (using excavator or ccminer klaust)

may be worth for a short time… (lyra2rev2 price increase on nicehash, that’s how i saw it)

Graviex ok again


I tried different miners, the best I can get in lyra2z is around 3.6 MH/s, using ccminer Tpruvot 2.2.5
(+120 core, +300 mem, 85% pl, mem has very small impact)
I get lower hash with tourgasm/xzc

card runs cool and around 50% power average


yeah, but this is rubbish compared to a rx580 getting 5MHs and vega64 getting 9.5 MH.


Is that using the TDXminer on linux? I only have one vega card, but would love to test it out. Ive been trying to find a nice setting/version for sgminer but can’t seem to get more than 1-2mh/s.


same than z0mb13, I have 2 AMD cards (rx480 & rx580), but sgminer different versions do not perform well and tdxminer is linux only…


i tried maybe over 20 coins in two weeks and i didnt find profitable one.(rvn gin zcash zencash lizus zelcash lux.etc…) Generally nicehash more profitable. İn past we can find a lot of coin to earn . Nvidia far behind amd. İ am thinking of selling nvidia rig if i cant find something. amd is much more profitable.


I mine new coins and just sell when they hit exchange. seems to be the safest bet. If you hold too long(greedy), a lot of coins lose value. So I just take profits right away. Seems to work okay so far. RIght now Reefcoin.


I see Rabbit as a good option too. Lot’s of attention there on angrypool for 16s.


how many reefcoin mine with one 1080 ti .


Nice strat. Been planning to do that as well. How much $ per day on average do you get per 1080 Ti with that strat? Also tried sending you a PM but site says I’m not allowed to send you one. Is that on my end or yours?


Can confirm 3.2-3.4Mh/s per 1080ti for Lyra2z using tpruvot ccminer 2.2.5. Also got 6.7Mh/s on Vega card using the tdxxminer on linux.


For some reason lyra2z is very slow on nvidia compared to amd.


Not to go off topic. …What’s the power usage on they AMD cards? Maybe we create an AMD vs Nvidia thread.


Right now amd is getting x2 profitability, or more because the cards are fucking way cheaper.


God dammit… i’m stuck… I don’t know what to mine!!

I’ve stopped at 50 000 RVN. (never bet on 1 horse? :p)
At the moment i’ve mined 2500 ZEL…

But what now?!


Get some Stipend (SPD), so you can help us to set up masternode, or for now just stack with us :wink:


Hmmm SPD, i’ve mined that already (a bit) a long time ago.

Is it still profitable to mine SPD?

Also ok for GTX 1070 + 1070 ti?