Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners




Many thanks Carlama! :clap::clap:


I am getting the best results from this.

The djm release gets me better hash rates but it loses a lot of shares.

The 2.2.5 release of ccminer gives me much lower hash rates.


Best results for which coins? XZC…RVN…PGN…etc?


thanks, will try it this evening after work

found this new one to test in //:


I have 6 1070 Ti’s and i was mining about 3,500-4,500 PGN a day. After I got about 70K I went back to mining ZenCash. I like the project overall and am working to getting 42 ZEN to have a secure node. BTW ZEN just got listed on Binance today. The price didn’t spike because bitcoin is down but the added liquidity in the market will help push up the price in my opinion.


Z-ENEMY VER 1.10 ( SERVICE RELEASE for Zealot Team Discord)

For Windows (Cuda 9.1) Based on ver -1.10
zealot/enemy-1.10 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy


What is hash rate you are getting on this miner?


Anyone else have some connection issues with AngryPool overnight?


What are you guys mining atm?


Im mining ravencoin but want to change.

Actually I’m searching for a good lyra2z miner, I know that the 1080ti can give at least 5MH of hashrate and not the 3.2 rubbish that ccminer 2.2.5 is giving, but i have not found the miner yet (it exists 100% sure).

Also, there is this miner for Lyra2z ->
but only works for Zcoin in the MPH pool. (it gives me the 5MH.)


What intensity are folks using for lyra2z with 2.2.5? I’ve been using 21 but I had some issues overnight and I’m wondering if that might be to blame. With 21 and a very slight oc I get average a little over 3.4 MH per card.


Dmitry, any work you know of being done with the lyra2z miner? Couple coins in there getting popular.


I`m mining only RVN. In the next release we can can see LYRA


What lyra2z do you think are profitable ? (in the future?)


GIN is a decent low power draw option. If you look at BSOD and read up a bit, there are a lot of people that are confident that IFX has a future.


Looking forward to it. You do great work. Thank you


Can’t seem to get 5mh/s for a 1080ti on lyra2z. I was only trying GIN but best i could get was 2.5mh/s I used the ccminer linked above, haven’t tried any others yet.


You should be able to do about 3.4 with the latest drivers on ccminer 2.2.5. If you figure out how to get 5 please share!


Guys, any thoughts on ALPS coin?

Since they switched from Gravix to Ccex the price dropped down significantly, but the project looks solid. What do you guys think?