Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Hi Darthaddie,

welcome to the forum! I am currently thinking about to try GIN aswell, i would like to run MN. I have 1080Ti´s, let you know my results


With your Titan V, how’s ravencoin on it? do you have the hashrate or the hashrate with pigeoncoin?


Just switch to GIN, I will give it a try. I have 1 gtx 1080 / 2 gtx 1060 / 1 gtx 1070 - all mining GIN right now. All together, almost 6 Mh/s


Cool,waiting for your update.On what pool are u mining GIN?


cool keep us informed pls :slight_smile:


I’ve seen Pigeon pop up from time to time…What’s your experience with it? What are your hashrates on X16s with 1080ti and which miner? I’ve read Enemy 1.10 is the best…Nobody tried CRS? 24hr numbers look insane on BSOD.

Anyone on GIN remember to update to 397.64 if you’re on old drivers…I was on 380.xx and I picked up over .1 on my hasrate, per card…approx 3% with the driver update


Speaking of Enemy_10…I guess I should be using that for RVN


I’ve read the pinned post to the 1080ti mining category but it appears to be a placeholder for rules so I’m not sure what’s permitted here. However, regardless of the rules, I’ll only post once here (unless answering questions, technical or otherwise). There’s nothing we hate more than SPAM and mods, feel free to delete if against the rules.

We are a coin that forked from PIVX latest version but have many ideas of our own. Of these, two are public so far - one was implemented on release (retailer rewards) and one is to be implemented in the near future (spend privately as bitcoin).

We currently have 50 miners and are just over 30% of the way towards CryptoBridge listing. We are a Proof of Stake coin but are distributing coins to miners who mine RVN/LUX to DRIP-owned addresses. We believe distribution to miners is fairer than the masternode sales you typically see and overs a wider distribution of coins.

If you join our Discord group (, you can find out much more. For example, a translation of the russian group messages will show you that our current miners are trying to keep us secret for now. This is because there are 12,960 being distributed to stakers daily and less stakers results in higher earnings.

We are in day 6 of our blockchain and mining will continue for the first month. DRIP is distributed at a rate of 1.7 RVN or 0.01 LUX is equal to 1 DRIP and the current rate of return for the Proof of Stake earnings on coins earned mining is 10% per day.

Rewards are lower for the first 30 days (and 90% of them go to stakers, only 10% masternodes) before shooting up. This is done to give miners a great chance to earn a masternode before the increase in rewards.

Thanks for listening and I apologize if this is indeed against the rules - we don’t create fake accounts to try to bend the rules (here, on Discord or on Bitcointalk).


i know people don’t trust profit calculator, but this new one seem a bit more promising:

only 1080ti, but the profit seems more realistic than usually on similar sites…


I get why people are looking for the Coin of the Day/week…
You want to get the most profit out of mining…

But I don’t want to look everyday for a coin that gives me the most profit at the moment… The value changes so fast these days, maybe after a couple of hours/days of mining the coin isn’t worth that much anymore…

I know you can’t predict the future… but i’m looking for a coin to mine that gives me profit in 1, 2, 6 months…
I’m looking for a coin that has a good team, project, … that isn’t much worth now… but maybe in x months.

Any suggestions?

I’ve already got 40.000 RVN’s, I think that’s a good coin to Hodl… other?



Then mine zec . I dont think it will decrease so much and profitability is not bad now. If your gpu is 1080 or 1080ti you can mine etherium with pills. Profitability is like zec. I know a lot of people mining etherium nearly a year no touching to rigs. They have amd gpus but after pills etherium can be mined with nvidia. If your gpu is 1070 or 1070ti pills wont work. So zec is better choice.


Look about right man, thanks for sharing :wink:


IMO, raven is not coin for long term hold anymore. I always focus on coin with low supply (ideally to 100m). There is better chance coin can jump in price really high than 90bln raven


GRLC is spiking in price and also uses a very low energy algo…I’ve been out of it for awhile but I’ve been watching it work it’s way back. Can get about 7.4 Mh per 1080 ti. I believe the electricity usage is about the same as Lyra2z


Holy, what gpus do you have and how long have you been mining Raven?


Titan V does 25-40. I haven’t tried pigeon coin. If you want I can check it for you. The best part is Max power consumption across any algo is 100w.


Enemy 1.0.9 killed my hash rate on suprnova by like 10%. 1.10 fixed it.


Pigeon is almost just to see the average ravencoin hashrate :rofl:


Hi all, which miner do you use for the lyra2z algo on 1080 ti, is it the ccminer tpruvot ?


Does anyone have a link for Enemy 1.10?