Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


I apologize…I edited my post. .40 to .55 GIN per 1080ti/day. Right now the price is around 6 bucks


so like 3$ a card not that bad


Depending on price, about 2.50-3.15. Not a bad low elec alternative. Reminds me, I did read that the guys at LUX were talking about a more efficient miner to their coin…not sure where that stands now.


RVN is about 3-3.5$ per 1080ti per day today


That’s good on RVN…Last 3 hours on GIN = $2.52 per 1080ti/day

What are other folks mining???

I love this forum, by the way, nice and small with good folks contributing good information without all the BS like other forums.


I have miners in the group who have not found a block for a week or more on a single GPU. Therefore, I don’t believe single GPU mining is profitable at this time.


I don’t have a discord address unfortunately. I only use Telegram and email for my pool, as anymore would quickly become overwhelming


Still mining ZEL during the day and RVN during the night :stuck_out_tongue:


lol why?


Gin coin till evenning
Then zel will be more logical because of temp:)


RVN uses more power => warmer :slight_smile:
for ZEL i’ve found the sweet spot and mining at 4.5 sol/Watt @ low power => cooler.

The difference is ±7 degrees… atm it’s ± 30 degrees in Belgium during the day so every little thing helps :upside_down_face:


GIN coin is giving quite good profit now. Keep an eye to ZCOIN also. It gives good profit and the lyra2z algo use VERY little energy. So it’s even more profit (less energy costs)


Fabio, do you know anything about CRS? Would love your thoughts. Appears to be doing quite well on BSOD


Hello, any ideas on XMN? Listed on crypto-bridge.


Only CPU-mining
Not sure if this is right place for this coin here coin-of-the-day-for-1080ti-miners


Strange, but im mining with gtx 1080 ti, algo x16r like raven…


Ummm are we talkin about this XMN?


MotionProject (XMN)


Make sense lol. Link above was first i hit on google :wink:


Hi. New to this forum. Excellent set of people here. Have been taking some tips this past week.

Btw mining RVN now with my 1080ti farm and trying out GIN with my single Titan V. Getting around 7.3 MH/s. Payout should be 7/day approx. Good thing is Titan V is only consuming 60w.