Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Hello. I have this miner, very strange, it looks like it’s just for developers. I tried on 1070, the card is not very hot, but the computer starts to slow down. I left it on at night for one 1070, in the morning both windows were closed, the profit was zero



yup finding blocks on WTCT means getting tokens that will be swapped to WTC (ppls says very soon).Actually mining for a GMN it’s way more profitable if you want to get WTC RIGHT NOW.

I have contacted one that gives 3 WTC per each block you find. So 50% more :stuck_out_tongue:
Why 3 WTC? Because he, heing a GMN, gets 4 per each block you mine for him. So he gets 1 for “free” and you get 3 instead of 2. And everyone is happy haha

3 coins now are 11usd x 3 !!! 33usd about!!

I am waiting for the reply from the GMN I contacted and then I will choose the one that I like more and start.


Didn’t find a block with 3 1080 on 3 different devices ( one gpu each ) in almost 24 hours. Luckily i pay a vast amount for my electricity, but maybe i’m doing something wrong here, it says that the value of the local computing power is zero on all 3 devices. That doesn’t sound good. But as the core speed of the gpus are all between 1911 and 2034 mhz, it seems to be working. Maybe i have to give it more time …


Didn’t see your post, yes same here.


Check my last post here :slight_smile:


If anyone is interested in mining to a GMN address that pays out daily, feel free to reach out to me on telegram @t1crypto or email at

We have over a dozen miners in the pool, it’s a great community and I’ve never missed a payment.

Oh and the multi-gpu mining software is free :slight_smile:

Let me know!



Would give it a try,
I really think you should make a topic with instructions on how to join a GMN node? - my understanding is that miners SHOULD mine to a GMN instead of trying to solo mine, is this correct?


Hey Mobsy,

There are no specific instructions for mining pools with this coin, because the mining structure and mining of the coin are still very new. However, here is my way of going about it so that there is as much trust built into the system as possible.

Please see here to understand the steps to start mining

Here are the steps all new members should take before they start mining.

  1. In order to track which blocks you have mined to the GMN address, you need to add your personal identifier to the BAT files of every GPU that you are running (ex. Greg1, Greg2, etc.) There is a great write up on how to do this here:

  2. Then, sign up for an account here This tracks all of the blocks you will mine to the address so both you and I can keep track of your payouts. Be sure to send me your user ID so I can invite you to the pool on the tracker, and also add those identifiers you made in your BAT files into the online tracker.

  3. You will then begin to mine to the GMN address. Every 24 hours, there is a payout around 8am pst. I look at your mined blocks, double check to make sure we both have the correct amount, then send 3WTC per mined block to the address of your choice.

  4. As I’ve told everyone in the group, communication is key. I’m almost always readily available to talk should you have any questions or concerns.

This is my way of doing it. The group chat will attest to the timeliness of the payouts and the professionalism.

That being said. There is nothing saying you should mine to a GMN address. It is completely within your right to solo mine, and you should if you want to. The reason people want to currently mine to a GMN is the added bonus that most GMN addresses are giving out in terms of rewards 3/4 vs. 2/2. The other benefit is that GMN addresses are paying out WTC that is spendable now, vs having to wait for the mined WTCT to convert to WTC once Walton switches the mainnet over. I hope this answered any questions your guys/gals may have had!!



lets hope it works…


for those with rigs (not my case), you can check that


Hey guys, quick note. Just like to say thanks to all the people who have reached out with their interest in joining the pool!! It’s awesome and I would love to have you all in it.

That being said, if you’re not multigpu mining it’s going to take a VERY long time before you hit a block. While it’s great that you’re enthusiastic, I also would like everyone to be realistic about their computing power and the rising difficulty of the network.

So while I’d love to have you in the group, I can only onboard people with multigpus at this time.




so you Greg you think anyone with a single GPU, even with a 1080 ti, is not worth mining


Easy math dude. 1 GPU is less than 5-6-7-8 GPUs. So your chance to mine block is really low


that doesnt tell me anything. its not math. its grocery shopping. if 5-6 gpus find for example 1 block a day (medium) then ok, 1 gpu is not good at all. thats more close to math


Thanks for all your help Greg!


Did someone tried Gincoin?? whats the best miner for it? seems better than rvn in profitability if you find a good miner


hello Greg,
Please.Give me your discor address okay?


what is Gincoin?


GIN is a bit hit or miss for me…Been trying it the last few days…Fluctuates between about .40 to .55 GIN per 1080ti/day. EVGA SC at TDP 90 Core +70 Mem +100.

I’m using ccminer 2.2.5 on Angry Pool and with 397.64 drivers you should see about 3.4 mh on about 140 watts per 1080ti.

ZEC is also doing quite well and I would assume will have a much better chance of lasting value. If you’re not as concerned about electricity costs it might be worth exploring. And ETH is still doing pretty good with the Ethlargement pill for the 1080 ti’s…


40-55 cents per day yeah its not wort it,yeah ZEC is solid