Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Actually ppl moved from CPU to GPU. I tried to “play” to mine with my I5 8600k overclocked to 4900 but got nothing. Just some dust and a dead rat :smiley:


is this worth mining with a single GTX 1080?


I have an i7 7700 also
was thinking mine lux with the GPU and take a punt at this with CPU


I’m guessing with my low hash power I would be lucky to hit any blocks at all


For me, it seems mining doesn’t start. Status is OK and correct but GPU isn’t loading. Even I putted it on “high” in the software.


what is you hashrate Fabio with 6x 1070Ti?


Actually this miner calcualtes teh hasrate in a very weird way

it’s FIXED hashrate divided by time. seconds. Also remember this alog is a rolling one. Same as X16R. So it will change hashrate speed depending on the mining algo. Quite hard to calculate.


Fabio, I have an idea. You paid for that software. IMO you should pay someone to modif it with a dev fee (your wallet) and you should have announce it somewhere on btc… I bet you could get pretty nice profit this way. What you think?


This miner is something TOTALLY different from all the other miners like CCMiner. It could take days/weeks to mod it ahaha

thanks for the idea tho :slight_smile:


Yeah I noticed it is different from your screenshot. But i guess for good programmer should not be a big deal, who know, worth of try atleast :slight_smile:
Or maybe just talk to seller; he could have modify it for you.
You are welcome


thanks :slight_smile: I will ask around


Is there a miner available for Linux? I have all my rigs on HiveOS.


I went from the 6 1080Ti’s I told you I would start to try with to 24, over 3 rigs so lets see what happens :slight_smile:


has anyone managed to find any blocks yet on Walton chain apart from Fabio?


Yup, I have a friend who found a block in teh night while I was sleeping. Remember it’s SOLO mining. So it’s quite random. I will write a guide in a few. A complete guide of all that I have found and how to make this coin VERY profitable.


Fabio with solo mining is it worth me even trying with a single gtx 1080 or i7-7700


at the moment I have left my GPU on lux and been CPU mining all night on Waltonchain


hey, with one 1080 (NOT the Ti model) I think you can expect a block every 2/3 days. But like I told you it’s totally random.
Don’t use the CPU. It’s not worth. I will write a guide now


I jsut wrote a guide about WaltonChain! :slight_smile:


I can confirm. He is talking about me. Fabio was helpful. I found a block in the first 2 hours.
HOWEVER… with the token swap still set to occur you can not sell anything right now unless you mine to MN operators who pay to everyone mining to their nodes. I had 10 1080ti’s pointed at WTC. So, it’s a bit of a snag when you have to pay power bills at this point.