Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Yup. I am mining it right now. It’s solo mining so you don’t see shares. you just wait patiently to hit a block. Meanwhile I am suntanning. Beautiful day today!


I aked on Telegram and some guys told me that with 6 x 1070Ti I should hit 1 to 2 blocks per day. One block is 2 coins. 1 coin = 12 USD so it means 12 to 24 USD per day with 6 x 1070Ti (based on what that guy told me on Telegram and based on his experience.

This means
if I find one block 2 usd per 1070Ti (quite poor)
If I find 2 blocks 4 usd per 1070Ti (not bad at all)

Still testing


how many blocks are found a day in total?


When you solo mine it’s all about luck. I am testing and let you guys know


Maybe with AwesomeMiner we could set 1 single GPU to mine and let the other 5 cards (assuming you have 6 card rig) mine something else. May struggle to find time to test though


no this coin requires a proprietary miner. No way to use it with AwesomeMiner


I guess run the proprietary miner (and determine which GPU it is using)…and then run AwesomeMiner other the other cards and DON’T use that one card

Still not a good as running all GPUs on WaltonCoin


I was able to run it(on original miner), it does not show local hashrate and then give some kind of error


With CPU it should show hashrate. Not with GPU. to get GPU hashrate you have to use the miner I use. Also show me the error it’s showing you. Maybe I can help


How a bout starting multiple miners? :slight_smile:
One per card…


Their software won’t allow to do that (the software they provides…)


after 10min of mining, no errors, but but gpu load is newer more then 7%. idont think is mining


what does estimated block mining value mean?


Just hit a block guys!!! :stuck_out_tongue: amazing so HAPPY


Hi there,

Which coin is the most profitable atm for 1080Ti? I mean a coin which isn’t exist in whattomine


WTC for me now :slight_smile:


Thanks Fabio, could you please mention the daily amount of profit for each card? (excluding the electricity cost)


I’m actually using my Ryzen 5 CPU to mine it at the moment. I’m going to try for a few days and see if I can hit a block.


Anybody knows WTC daily profit for 1080Ti atm?


Actually it’s hard to say. Cause you are solo mining. I hitted a block after about 4 hours of solo mining with 6 x 1070Ti. One block is 24usd about. So you can do easy math :slight_smile: