Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


It’s a memory algorithm no benefit from core speed


Guys, with the help of FELIX (cryptoguiminer) I have found a coin that is VERY profitable. But also quite hard to mine. Not the usual ccminer coin.

I have learn that those coins are the ones that are REALLY profitable. The coin name is WALTONCHAIN. Ticker: WTC. You find it on Hitbtc and Binance and others.
it’s quite a BIG project.

You will NOT find many info on Bitcointalk (no info about mining it) nor you will find a Discord channel.

This coin is born to be SOLO mined by CPU. There are NO pools at the moment. The developers released a GUI miner on the official website to mine by CPU or by GPU. But they didn’t release any software to use more than ONE gpu at time. I spent hours trying but with no success.
basically people reports 8 to 10 usd per 1080Ti.

WESBITE to download the miner:


Wallet and miner are in the same GUI client. Super easy. But if you want to mine using many GPUs is a nightmare.

At the end I have managed to buy from a guy a modified miner that allows to use up to 13 GPUs per rig. Since I spent hours trying myself but couldn’t do it and the coin is profitable NOW I deceided to buy it from him.

I have paid 0.6 ETH so I am trying to get those money back mining and also if someone wants it I will give it for 0.3 ETH. I think it’s quite fair. I will also help to set it up and use it. Contact me on telegram @RuplikMiner


ah I forgot. This coin is probably the most efficient I ever saw in my life. It keeps the MAX hashrate lowering the pl to 55/60%!!! Also, usually my 1070Ti crash if I use more than CORE +150 . With this I can go to +200 no crash and more hashrate. Not sure how is it possible. But I tested it myself.


All info about WTC can be found on Reddit: That coin made some people a lot of money back in Nov/Dec, like most coins did.


Ummm as I know, waltonchain is Token. How it come you found it minable???


You see how he’s asking for ether tho right?


Well, yes I noticed. But also I know fabio is very helpfull here on forum so I do not treat him as a scammer


not sure what you mean. I just find it with the help of Felix. I heard it was profitable. spent hours researching cause it’s different from the others. And then started to mine it. There was no way to mine it with more than ONE gpu per rig so at the end I decided to buy the custom miner and started mining it with my rigs. That’s it. Plain and simple.


Ahh my bad. No implications


I am not a scammer of course. You can have my phone numebr and my address ahah

also I am one of the people colaborating for the FPGAs development and I will have the FPGA card here soon.

Just this time I had to pay quite a lot to buy a miner and I would love to get those money back. That’s it. But I am open to your ideas


CMC says it is token:


Appears there was a token swap


Well it’s a minable token then aahhah

just go on their official website and download the wallet. Inside the wallet is included the CPU/GPU miner

with the limitation to ONE gpu per rig.


Nice :slight_smile: I check this one, I know nothing about this project



Actually there have been one person that accoused me in the past to be a scammer. he was a guy from Pakistan that I have found on I asked him to bring my website to rent drones at the top page of google. He did it but I found that actually he did it by blackhat methods. Indeed my website lost positions super fast. I didn’t pay him of course. And he accoused me to be a scammer. WTF


That’s pretty cool though that it’s a minable coin now


out of interest what is the profit per day on this coin


I can just report what ppl says. About 8/10usd per 1080ti. I will know it myself in 1/2 days


Seem everybody gonna wait for your result…