Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


I mine Raven (cryptopool). Getting roughly 66 coins ($2,97) per 1080ti/day. Around 25 Mh/s. No overclock. Zenemy 109
I mine ZEL (equipool). Getting roughly 19 coins ($2,85) per 1080ti/day.
OC: tdp 100%, Core Clock: +150, Memory: +700. Zec miner 034b


Very cool… which miner are you using?


Edited already z-enemy 109 :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks. I’ll move 1 rig over and see how it goes


Guys, I’ve been mining GIN coins via zergpool after observing this had been top of the list for quite awhile. With the price quite stable, I see this is a good alternative to mine into LTC while there’s no very obvious profitable coin to go in for the time being.

And best of all, Lyra2z is a very power efficient algo and only take about 60-70% of my usual wattage to mine on this coin, while getting similar level of return. I won’t mind too much even if this coin profitability dropped slightly as I don’t spend as much electricity on it.


I’ve looked at GIN many times but have never mined it. So you’re doing an auto exchange through zerg to LTC? I’d be curious how that would compare to mining GIN into an exchange and coverting to LTC yourself. How much are you seeing per 1080 ti/day?


Atheios - they launched mining few mins ago!


I’m seeing about 0.013 to 0.015 LTC a day per 1080TI. I’m using the auto exchange in Zergpool, which is fairly accurate if estimate the shown hash rate in the pool against the past 24hr profit. (Edited the decimal, Thanks for pointing it out!)


I think your numbers might need to move the decimal over a bit…But I did look at it and it is interesting…Thanks for sharing.




LOL. My bad and thanks for pointing out. Corrected the post.


Appears RVN and LUX are both doing about 2.80-2.85 per 1080ti/day. Don’t have my killawatt hooked up but I’m guessing that RVN is using less power…I could be wrong. I did point a rig at ATH since I already had an ETH setup it was pretty simple and quick to get it going…Really have no idea about this one…


TDP 75
Core -10
Mem +750

Getting about 54.5 MH/s per 1080ti On Claymore 11.7 Pool:


Hi, I get roughly same on RVN.
I am on Atheios aswell now, but getting only +/- 31Mh/s per 1080 Ti (ethminer) no OC. Not sure if it is worth to mine since coin is not NH resistant :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not sure if it’s worth it either…You need to use:

I have found for best results put all cards at default clocks. Then:

  1. Run start BAT - view hashrate
  2. Run EthPill thing…whatever it’s called - view hashrate
  3. Then do a TDP 75% Core -10 Mem +700 Play with the mem clocks…you’ll get 54-55 mh/s on a 1080ti


Any mining ATHEIOS? how is it going, & what’s the ammount coins mined per 1080Ti/day

any exchanges yet?


I stopped after I made some mistakes and did some reading…Saw there was an ATH on Cryptopia and sent some coins there to realize after it’s a different ATH…Not very well thought out. On a better note over the last 24 hrs:

Per 1 x 1080ti/day:

RVN: approx 65 coins x .045 = $2.92 (cryptopoolparty)
LUX: approx .312 coins x 7.90 = $2.46 (future pool)
ETH: approx .00408 coins x 720 = $2.93 (ethermine)

I’m going to point it all at ETH for the next day and see…Unless someone has something more profitable in the short term???


Thanks for the very informative post. I am currently mining LUX (have been for many weeks). Good team, nice developments, quality coin! Im HODLING.


what pool are people mining LUX now?


many pools. try futurecoins or pickaxe. I am from europe but i ve been mining in futurecoins for 50 days now. most of them are good. maybe you should avoid bsod not only because it has alot of miners already and its always good to spread the hash.


Why would you underclock the core? I use +100 core for my EVGA 1080ti’s. 54 MH/s per 1080ti is a bit much?