Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Im showing about 80 bucks per month right now for Zel on equipool per1080ti using DSTM at current prices.
Is that good? and Whats up with RVN? IS it ever going to go up? Maybe a spike when GOT comes out in the summer, lol.


Also, any thoughts on BTCP?


I get around 28 coins/day/1080ti. What means 28x30= 840 coins circa. 840x0,16= 136 usd.
But you better focus on daily calculations since dif/price changes every day


Wouldn’t hold my breath on it having a huge increase. 21 billion coin supply and 1 billion in circulation with a $53 million current market cap.

Btcp I’d avoid. Could be worth mining some just whilst network is low but as a project its worse than other coins its competing with.


Does everyone switch on ZEL atm?


I am on zell


Same here!


Getting an error when opening the Zelcash wallet… Can someone help me pls?



Hey guys ive only mined a handful of different coins with ccminer. ive downloaded bminer today for mining ZEL but I keep messing up the batch file and it closes when I try to start mining. any help pls or example of proper .bat


What wallet did you download? Did you ask on discord for help already?


Put your .bat file here


Hey, I’ve an idea. Since mining calculators predictions are off most of a time, why don’t we start reporting real coin amount per 1080ti per day based on real values? We can do it here or we could create a new thread. It should greatly speed up a mining choice for people, RVN vs ZEL vs XVG vs … vs …


sounds good for me. Just create new topic and give it a shape. Like:
Per day:


Clean template

REM Change the following address to your Zcash taddr.

SET ADDRESS=t1ZBtpkUy1y1deYsNJnzdW4tk7HiJEcfUzr



SET SCHEME=stratum

START “Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast” bminer.exe -uri %SCHEME%://%USERNAME%@%POOL% -api]]]

THIS is the info I’m trying to configure in bat file for ZEL.



I suggest you to download ZecMiner 0.3.4b.
Use simple .bat file :
miner.exe --server --port 50053 --user t1aitNyQEkSfekBENUPRBpWfTzYjDPbTgwQ --pass x
*Do not forget to change your address!


Big thanks @hegemon1 I’m up and mining! rvn was killing me the past few days hopefully ZEL works out for a while! :slight_smile:


I’m actually on ethereum atm at…Getting about (0.00405 ETH) $2.78 per 1080ti/day. @ about 53.5 MH/s per card.

TDP 75%
Core -20
Mem +700

I was reading folks were having good luck with this miner for RVN:

Not sure how it compares…I’ve never really had a lot of luck with RVN for some reason.


You are welcome dude :wink: Also get some decent overclock to increase your hashrate


Was reading of some exchange issues with ZEL…Any truth to that? and I’m curious if you guys are all long or are we selling on a regular basis?


I didnt noticed any issues regarding to Zel. I use and have no problems at all. I suggest to hold Zel for long term (atleast till the end of year) since 0,15 usd is undervalued price imo