Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Hi all, i’ve been browsing here since feb. I stated mining raven because of your guys, and had some luck with LUX as well. I’ve decided to sign up and hopefully get some more insight. Has anyone tried Lizus?


İ tried. İt was bad. the calculators are incorret. i use zpool and it steal my coins for 5 hours . İ took photo and send the pool. Nobody answer.


Was trying Zula for 4 days on zergpool. Got around 60 Zula coins per 1080ti per 24h. Price is low for today so will keep them.


lux was good one week ago now difficulty is high now. lizus dinero raven i tried but low profit. Look this webside a lot of coins you can see but calculator not correct. Now it show most profit coin is etc.


I am experiencing similar, thank you.


Please. Can u tell me how much per day it is? I have 3x1080Ti…


I started mining Zel first 24 hours was 21 Zel per 1080ti on equihash using DSTM miner.
I don’t quite get that Equiminer. Are you supposed to have the miner programs installed before it works? It seems like a cool app but I couldn’t get it to work. IF someone could link me to a good tutorial it would be much appreciated.


Sorry I meant equipool.


No, miners are included. You must enter your wallet address to concrete coins you want to mine and select concrete miner on each card. I tried NH and Bminer, Bminer performed better. But now there are issues with payouts from Equipool, maybe try another pool until it’s resolved.


Thank you!


These sites keep saying that the profits are in Verge (XVG) right now… But I don’t see any pools that are finding blocks often enough to make what they’re saying I can. says I can make like $60/day with my 8 1080ti’s but it doesn’t come out even close to that. Can anyone else confirm or deny?


Rule number one: Never trust what calculators says, never


You can trust the calculators, but not random number generators. Crypto-coinz calcs nonsenses for XVG, you won’t get such profit from it neither on X17 nor LyraRev2 . Mined for a while on and it was under RVN. On Zergpool (don’t mine there) they require at least “I think 5” XVG to payout, sticks 2 XVG there :slight_smile:
EDIT even worse :smiley::

Balance payment threshold is ~117.7922 based on 0.001 BTC equivalent; and ~23.5584 on Sunday
Ballance: 2.27237897 XVG`

I don’t see it over RVN profits from my sight (didn’t try long period mining, just few hours each pool).


Been mining Zel lately. I think we may have a winner on our hands.


What pool?




Ye i mine on equi aswell :slight_smile:


Wich miner should I use?


Bminer has been solid for me. 2% dev fee but higher hash rate than others I’ve tried to compensate.
65-70% tdp max core for your card and 0 mem.


I have Bminer v6.1.0 is that the version you have?