Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Yea looks good, maybe i put some hash power on it


Prompt settings for 3 1080 ti cards for the z-enemy 1.08 miner


+~60 core, -300 mem 80% tdp


CPD = coin per day probably…


Chain per day


Looks like RVN and LUX returns have dipped. I need to find the next best thing


Give STRAKS try, or Zelcsh


Many thanks…seen those but never looked/considered mining them :+1:


You are very welcome. I mine Straks like for 2 weeks, and Zel several days. Zel has potential IMO (one of the dev is from my country so he told me about this project a lot).


i tried straks it was bad :frowning:
which coin for today ?


I wa pretty happy with Straks. Try Zel


Which pool are you mining on for ZEL?


i tried with 1 1080ti 3 1070 with sprnova pool. i earned 3.5 stak 8 hours. Now i am trying zel with zel.nibiripool. pool cant find any block for 3 hours :frowning:

#1143 use this webside. You can find all pools and can generate bat file



Wow, pretty low income. I mine with 4 1080Tis and getting around 21 per 24h


yeap maybe its reason sprnova pool. Low hash. everytime. İ am trying zel it show 8 dolar per a day. Same with zcash. Last days i cant find coin high proift with nvidia rigs


I’m mining Zelcash on with single 1080 and getting 18zel per day


I do not suggest to use suprnova


I get around 25 per 1080Ti/ equipool