Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


not for me currently, but I have just modified config so will give it another try.


calculator says I should mine 1.2XPM per day but I have only mined 0.25 in 11 hours


amazong. lol

how many CPD you get out of your cards? For now I have tested my 1060 6gb and I get 0.25 CPD



How many CPD for 1070?
And who can give me the config? Thanks


cpd=0.45/day GTX1080 founders


I have a feeling the config file could be better optimised, but I really don’t understand it.


0.35 CPD for GTX1070
using config…
sieveSize = “420”;
multiplierLimits = [“25”, “31”, “34”];

As stated above… maybe could be optimized more for nvidia cards. (Most of the config advice one finds are for AMD cards though.)

And yes, wallet sync takes ages but whatever… I just let it run.


Thank you very much


config files is not the only thing that needs optimization.
the miner does not support 6x+ gpus on windows, kernel optimization is needed


im have 6 gpus


and you dont crash randomly?
edit; this is a top coin thread maybe not the right place to discuss miner problems.
lets stick to the btctalk forum for this :smiley:


I have found a way to sync wallet quicker

download you can try, this website ,

and place in Appdata/Roaming/Primecoin root folder


also when you modify config file you need to delete and let it recreate it


I can’t get my 6 x 1080ti’s stable on XPM…Pretty basic and straight forward appearing config file setup. I’ve posted on bitcointalk but the coin appears to be mostly mined by AMD guys.

I’m back on X17 XVG for the time being


how many CPD you get on the 1070 Ti?


You guys are in the 1080ti forum. Go discuss other GPU’s elsewhere.


This! It is time for moderator to jump in and pin it somewhere


created an xpm mining thread


RVN price is pumped today $4/1080ti


OK so not sure if this technically falls under coin of the day or coin of the future.
I’ve been mining zelcash for just over 2 weeks now. When I started it was 75 ZEL a day per 1080ti at $0.03 each and the price has been going up every day to currently around 0.14 but reward is down to around 30 per ti.!
Very good looking team. Very good looking future. Swing wallet with multiple coins supported and future plans look great if you check their whitepaper.
Zeltrez launch at the end of the month.
As it works out my profit since I started mining has been around £5/$6.80 per ti per day.
Mining on coinblockers pool with bminer.
Tdp 65 +160 core and 0 mem (reference card)
Get around 1635mhz core and 5005mhz ram