Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Hi guys, do you have xpm cuda miner, it seems to be profitable coin now?


XPM certainly has taken off over the weekend. Fairly low supply 23m…good trading volume at the moment. No idea what the mining is like for it. Do you have any info on pools, likely profit etc?


Can’t find XPM miner for 1080ti cards, so I don’t know about profit, but I think it must be good.

#1073 but the chat seems to suspect a fork + pump&dump. Saying that, mining might be profitable.

Youtube mining videos are about 4 years old…lol

EDIT: Recent mining discussion


Doesn’t appear that their is a Windows miner for XPM yet (they say in 2/3 days). I was going to try a CUDA miner but struggling to find out how to configure a batch file. Pool isn’t much help…maybe I’m just slow


in, there is a windows miner:
Current Beta release (version 10.2.2):

I tried the second link on my ti with default settings recommended for nvidia on the default pool
it seems to give between 0.60 to 0.68 CPD / day, > 2 coin/day, >7$ / day


another XPM pool:!/


XPM hashrate:
0.66 CPD / day for 1080 ti => 2.17 XPM / day
0.37 CPD / day for 1080 ti => 1.21 XPM / day
0.34 CPD / day for RX480/580 => 1.11 XPM / day

and XPM/USD:3.396


Where do we download wallet? Thx.


I don’t know, I was lazy and I mine directly to my poloniex address


I see that cryptopia has the address but in theory it says to dont mine directly to their wallet address… anybody tried it ?

ps: is it hard to configure the miner program with 1080ti? any suggestion?


I very often mine directly to exchange addresses and so far so good…

The miner has a config text file with recommended values for amd and nvidia, just put the nvidia ones ans your address and it works (the only thing is you need to delete the compiled kernel if you change any parameter)

I don’t know how often the pool send payments (started 2 hours ago)


I had the same issue. Both pools had no instructions that I could see. Bitcointalk had a load of info but not for Windows mining (said a miner would be published in a couple days). I did manage to download the wallet so have a receiving address.

Gave up for the moment…maybe someone will provide a Windows miner soon.


I am trying to use the wallet address of cryptopia… still don0’t know if it works…

Anyway, now it seems to work but there is a bug with CPU at 100% of use… any fix ?


anyone still mining XVG? Whats the payout like per 1080 Ti? what pool are u guys using?

I’m getting about 30 XVG/day on X17 per 1080Ti, cryptocalculator suggests about 70 coins/day…?


I’m confused about XPM, what is CPD exactly?


use whatomine calculator:

you should get something like 45 xvg/day/ti (but difficulty just increased)

for me, suprnova pool works fine in xvg/x17 (it doesn’t in xvg/lyra2v2)

#1087 pays every 1 XPM and the pool delivers the expected number of XPM as per the calculator


i awayls crash , when i run xpmclient64.exe .

why ? becouse of diver or smoething else…?

i reinstall 1080ti driver , i dosent work.

i already set the nvidia config , follow the tip .

someone can hlpe me?


Try to delete all kernelxpm_gpu files in your miner.