Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


and for equihash, I was getting more with excavator (2000-2100 depending on OC)


I tried this, on ETH I was getting 49 MH/s
on other algos no effect


Thanks for sharing, if sharing such useful tool better to create new topic 50 MH/1080 ti on ETH - Amazing improvements on GDDR5X memory cards


bminer crashed… rebooted rig and back up and running. still bminer looks to be winning


So not sure if its because bminer crashed and missed an hour but DSTM won the 24 hour test… I am still going to keep them mining to see if it holds true but thus far numbers are:

24 Hour total = 0.1820

24 Hour total = 0.1845


bminer crashed again and stayed off the entire night… stopping experiment to see what OC settings I need to stabilize then will try again. Will let you kiddies know once round 2 starts.


What pool are you using for BTCP. I was using supernova when I was mining it before. Is there a better one?


Any good coin to mine?
I’ve been mining LUX, SPD and XVG in the last few days, but they are not very profitable… Thanks.


how much profit at LUX ,SPD,XVD each day?


All the same - around 1,5 - 2 EUR per card per day (netto).


What do you guys think of mining this coin?

c11 algo ok for NVIDIA?


Mining SPD does not give the best results because of high diff. C11 is generally a very good algo for NVIDIA cards, but the diff makes it not worth mining. There are a lot of other coins (Verge, RVN) that gives much better daily reward. SPD gives very good POS returns, so I’m mining best coin of the day and sell it off to buy more SPDs. Stipend has a very good team and seems to be a good coin to hodl.


you can still try MLM


i have been mining BCD few day , got 3~3.5usd each day . you can try it.

my frinend told me , RVN diff was down, seem around 3~3.3usd each day.


I am mining RVN with 3x 1080Ti on 80% TPD. I’m getting about 340RVNs per day.


BCD seems pos only now. Are you serious? Which pool do you use ?


Hey guys, what is your hash on lyra2v2 per 1080Ti? I get around 69-70 Mh/s


75 Mh/s. Tdp 100, core +60, mem - 400. Gigabyte 1080ti Aorus Xtreme


BCD diff go up yestoday, now 2.7~3usd / 1080ti per day.


aveage hash: 24M /1080ti


76 MH/s on lyra2v2 with Alexis 78 ccminer cuda 9 (+400 mem +80 core 94 power, I=22.4)