Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


i mined it for several hours but my GPU´s run hot 1080Ti´s (71-75 celsius) so i switched coin


Anyone mining STAKS on suprnova having issues with really low payments?
After 20h with 6x 1080ti I got 12 STAKS - online calculators say 30+ per 24h so it’s really really far off…


Anybody tried Bitcore on 1080Ti? how much does it make per day?


As there are no real decent coins to mine for immediate profit currently, I was wondering what people think are worth mining and holding for future increases. Any opinions on the next LTC/XMR. Raven seems to be well regarded with substance i’m interested to know what others think?


In regards of RVN, I was Mining PGN and exchanging to RVN later in the day on Crypto-Bridge yields more RVNs per day. I was getting average of 1150 PGN per 1080Ti per 24H.

But I got disappointed in RVN when all cryptos pretty much soared last 2 days & RVN stayed as is, even decreased a little bit.

Switched to Komodo now cuz I’m familiar with Equihash, but I’m eyeing Bitcore, it’s making big leaps.


Due to the number of blocks on the supernova, it corresponds to …


I still like LUX…low supply…ranked well on and has John McAfee as an advisor so I can see it doing well. Its a coin I would like to buy anyone and this is a way to slowly accumulate…also some staking reward which will be small returns but welcome nevertheless.

Saves me from having to sell everyday as well


I think you need a minimum of 100 LUX to stake and see returns… though never really messed around with it. Are you staking at less then 100 coins? If so was there anything special you did to allow it?


I am still heavily mining BTCP as I think the network is still low (currently 14.5MSols) IE difficulty and price is low (mooned to $55)… I think this coin easily can hit +$250 in the next 6 months which would yield great profits.


which pool are you using?..I was using MiningSpeed a couple of weeks ago (didn’t seem that great but not really sure)

EDIT: Using Miningspeed again and after an initial period of 100+ mins with no blocks, the blocks are now coming more regularly. I also get nervous when I start a new pool and nothing is found as I think I have made a mistake


I was chatting on Discord and they seemed to say there was no minimum…but you might want to check/confirm.


what miner are people using for BTCP


Any1 mining STRAKS? Pool?


I was using Zec Miner 0.3.4b (I think there is a dev fee)…I have gone back to LUX as wasn’t too impressed by returns from BTCP


I use DSTM; proved to be fastest. I also use miningspeed for the pool.


Even better than DSTM for me is bminer, more speed and lower temp.


bminer shows higher hashrates on console but like vosk i’ve tested and got better payouts from dstm.

I put 2 rigs with exact same hardware on a 24 hour test and saw the same thing vosk shows in his youtube. Btw I also tested ewbf and dstm gave the best payout.


Experiment time!!!

So I put 2 rigs that each have the exact same hardware (6 1070tis EVGAs) to mine BTCP with different addresses for each miner. I started both of them a few minutes ago… I will let it run for a while to see who wins.

So since I know you kiddies cant wait to see the results below are the links to show what kind results each miner is getting.




It seems that BMINER is getting more


did somebody tried that:

(it’s supposed to work on other algo’s as well, I am not at home at the moment to test)