Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


yea actually looks like more 0.4 I’m getting, havnt mined for 24 hours yet


what is the current b-hash price?
any long term prospects for the coin


Where do u guys exchange B-Hash?


Crypto bridge ANAS_HAMADA.
That is what happens when you give away so many coins…inflation…down at 17k…


When looking at these profit sites I go to the exchanges and look at the buy orders before jumping to mining it. I have seen a ton of coins listed with good profits but the problem is there is no one buying said coin.

Also never mine the top “profit coin” as that’s what everyone else is going to mine and you will be fighting the crowd where as if you choose a coin further down the list you tend to make about the same.


Guys, what are you mining these days? Have been with LUX, RVN and LIZ for a while but network hashrate too high right now. Any advice?


decrease intensity. with me, alexis had default at 22.5
I had to put --intensity=20 in the .bat file and voila.


It seems to be 0.2 LUX /day each 1080ti thats about 2.3$ day

Based on my last 24 earnings


Yup, exactly same here


me too. about 0.202 lux/day, today price went back down a little. Hopefully continues going up :slight_smile:


FOLM? Any thoughts or trials yet?


if someone mines LUX try to lower TDP down to 65 or even 60. 130 core up 500 mem down. I dropped TDP from 82 to 64% and I only lost 2mh/s . 35.8 to 33.8mh/s .for spmod1 that is.


I’m using BSOD pool…As BSOD had such a large % I tried Pickaxe and Unimining Pools but had issues so I switched back (it might have been my setup…not saying they are bad).

I have 6 x 1080ti’s and am on core=0 and mem=-500 (but not at all sure what is best). Hard to say how much LUX I am getting as returns have been a bit erratic with the coin price fluctuation. I think LUX is quality and it’s been in the top ten much of the time on


LUX is still ok, but really fallen down the list. ZenCash looking good in terms of quality/mining ability. SMART and ZOC are good earners but not sure what the quality is like


Anyone mining SmartCash (SMART)?..single pool buy the looks of it…very odd. Not sure it is working. Top of the list on Running a miner but not sure its doing anything

CCMiner looks like it is working…I will report back how it goes


I’m giving SMART a try but get nothing but rejected shares because difficulty is too low. I’ve changed the bat file to -m 3 but have yet to see an accepted share. Testing with 1 1080TI


Mining RVN. Difficulty has dropped since last week by 7000, is steady and I expect it to go up in price.
Using the new enemy miner 1.8, works great looks like +10% best RVN miner presently.

Direct link from enemy;!5WACFRTT!tV1vUsFdBIDqCzBrcMoXVR2G9YHD6xqct5QB2nBiuzM

LUX is also on my radar, but betting on RVN to increase by multiples over time.


well not anymore thanks to Enemy lol. it climbs back up now.


cheers for heads up RE: RVN and new enemy miner

mining RVN again on panda

gog-alpha what pool are you mining on?


Anyone mining ZenCash (ZEN)? It has been consistently ranked highly on (currently 4th now) and stands out as a quality coins compared to the 3 coins above it (SMART/PlusCoin/Lizus)